NWO Open competitie toekenningen 13 Februari 2004

400-03-008Prof. dr. J. TheeuwesVUNo-Change No-Blindness: Efficient detection of non-changing elements
400-03-013Prof. mr. D.W.F. VerkadeULWho's bad ? Trademark applications in bad faith / Het merkdepot te kwader trouw
400-03-021Dr. E. BrennerEURGrasping moving objects
400-03-029Dr. O.E. Tellegen-CouperusUvTThe Two Schools of Jurists in the Early Roman Empire [Old title: The Controversies between the Law Schools in the Early Roman Empire]
400-03-034Prof. dr. P.T. van der VeerUvATransnational networks of Indian IT professionals
400-03-042Prof. dr. P.J. de JongRUGblushing and blushing phobia: the role of context-dependent communicative properties of the blush
400-03-047Prof. dr. M. FennemaUvAHans Max Hirschfeld (1899-1961): Architect van Herrijzend Nederland.
400-03-070Prof. mr. dr. L.C.A. VerstappenRUGDe Vereniging van Eigenaars bij appartementensplitsingen
400-03-085Dr. S. SaharsoVUSuicidaal gedrag bij jonge immigrantenvrouwen: de relatie met sekse en etniciteit
400-03-087Prof. dr. K.R. RidderinkhofUvACognitive control in context processing: normal and dopamine-deviant populations
400-03-100Prof. dr. M.P.F. BergerUMPowerful and robust designs for longitudinal multilevel studies
400-03-102Dr. C. FinkenauerVUI know how you feel: A two-step process model of predicting others' affective reactions
400-03-104Prof. dr. F.N. StokmanRUGThe Effects of Networks and Externalities on Inequalities in Exchange
400-03-108Prof. dr. M.T. KammingaUMExtraterritorial application of human rights treaties
400-03-109Prof. dr. P. MohnenUMThe dynamics of innovation and firm performance. An econometric panel data analysis
400-03-111Prof. dr. P.C. SchotmanUMLong-run investment decisions with persistent risk factors
400-03-127Prof. dr. ir. N.G. RölingWURResearch on agricultural research; enhancing innovative performance in sustainable land use management in West Africa. Case studies from Ghana and Benin.
400-03-129Dr. ir. M.C.M. NuijtenWURFrom 'donorship' to 'ownership': towards a new architecture of aid?
400-03-131Dr. ir. H.N.J. SchiffersteinTUDSensory Dominance in Product Design
400-03-133Prof. dr. C. SchuengelVUAttachment and parenting style as moderators of stability of victimization in preschool children
400-03-163Prof. dr. J. VisserUvAVariations in flexibility and security – agency work and the role of collective bargaining institutions
400-03-164Dr. M.L.J. WissenburgKUNThe Question of Liberal Autonomy
400-03-165Dr. M.J. UetzUMLocal Decisions in Decentralised Planning Environments
400-03-182Dr. F.H. PoletiekULGrammar induction: the influence of sample characteristics of the stimuli
400-03-208Prof. dr. F. JufferULPrerequisites for the development of attachment and reversibility of disorganized and atypical patterns of attachment: An adoption study
400-03-210Prof. dr. W.T.A.M. EveraerdUvAAccessibility of emotional memories
400-03-234Prof. mr. C.A. GroenendijkKUNNL: Privatisering van immigratiecontrole: een rechtssociologische studie naar de rol van private vervoerders. UK: Privatization of immigration control: a socio-legal study into the role of private transport companies
400-03-238Prof. dr. P.P. WakkerUvAInformation-sensitivity in prospect theory
400-03-245Prof. mr. J.B.M. VrankenUvTDe Actio Pauliana: revisie van een relict
400-03-257Dr. J.H. AbbringVUDynamic Econometric Analysis of Insurance Markets with Imperfect Information
400-03-260Dr. ir. T. HavingaKUNNL: Private regulering van voedselveiligheid: bescherming of inkapseling van publieke belangen. UK: Private regulation of food safety: protection or capture of public interests
400-03-261Prof. dr. M.W. van der MolenUvADevelopmental Change in Response Inhibition
400-03-277Prof. dr. P. HagoortKUNLocalising the neural correlates of working memory in space and time: a multimodal neuroimaging approach
400-03-286Prof. dr. P. LaroucheUvTThe new EC competition law and electronic communications frameworks: towards a new institutional model for the application and enforcement of EC law?
400-03-295Prof. J.K. VermuntUvTPerformance of latent class analysis based random-coefficient models
400-03-296Prof. dr. E.E.C. van DammeUvTToegang tot het recht: een economische aanpak/Acces to justice: an economic approach
400-03-306Prof. mr. C.H. van RheeUMThe role of lawyers in civil proceedings
400-03-310Prof. dr. J. de HaanRUGNew ways to examine the role of institutions in fostering economic growth
400-03-314Dr. M.A.L.M. van AssenUvTThe Evolution of Exchange Networks
400-03-330Prof. dr. D.I. BoomsmaVUGenetic epidemiology of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Analyses of twin-family data in the framework of the Netherlands Twin family Study of Anxious Depression (NETSAD).
400-03-331Dr. W. van der VaartVUReconstructing event histories in standardized survey research: Cognitive mechanisms and aided recall techniques
400-03-333Prof. dr. B.M.S van PraagUvARisk Aversion and the Subjective Time Discount Rate: A Joint approach
400-03-338Dr. M. van TurennoutKUNExperience-driven changes in the cortical representation of meaning
400-03-357Dr. A. BoomsmaRUGInference for non-experimental designs
400-03-380Prof. dr. A.L. BovenbergUvTBelastingconcurrentie en belastingontduiking in een gedecentraliseerde wereld
400-03-385Prof. dr. M. ZeelenbergUvTCauses and consequences of inaction inertia
400-03-387Dr. A.C. LiefbroerNIDIA panel study on life-course trajectories and well-being among young adults
400-03-392Dr. G.J.M. van BoxtelUvTPsychophysiological analysis of stimulus-response compatibility
400-03-398Dr. R.A. BoschmaUULange-termijn evolutie van regio's
400-03-404Dr. P.F. de JongUvAEnhancing the use of sublexical clusters in poor readers
400-03-406Dr. R.J. van LierNICIFeatures versus structure in perceptual dominance
400-03-415Dr. H.E.A. BruyninckxWURGovernance and gradations in traditional sovereignty: the case of off shore activities in the North Sea area.
400-03-424Dr. J.S. DubasUUParenting and Grandparenting of Children: An Evolutionary Perspective
400-03-432Prof. dr. M.A. HajerUvAFood for Thought: A Comparative Study of Administrative Innovations in Food Safety Regulation in Western Europe after the BSE crisis
400-03-460Prof. dr. B.H. StolteRUGThe legal relations between Byzantium and the Italian Republic cities of Venice Genua and Pisa until 1204
400-03-464Dr. J.G. van HellKUNForeign language learning in children: A longitudinal study of language behavior and brain activity
400-03-469Prof. dr. H.J.M. HermansKUNChronic fatigue syndrome from the viewpoint of the youthful patient: The integration of the adolescent's own perspective in the treatment of a chronic illness.
400-03-473Prof. dr. J. van DijkRUGRegional labour market dynamics and the gender employment gap
400-03-478Prof. dr. C.A. WithagenVUDuurzaamheid en markten voor goederen uit niet-vernieuwbare natuurlijke hulpbronnen

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