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Gehonoreerde voorstellen Open Competitie MaGW ronde 2004-2005

14 februari 2005

In de Open Competitie MaGW ronde 2004-2005 zijn in totaal 53 voorstellen gehonoreerd:

  • A comparison between factor analysis and item response theory modeling in scale construction
    Dr. A. Boomsma, RUG
  • A noninhibitory account of retrieval inhibition
    Prof. dr. J.G.W. Raaijmakers, UvA
  • A Self-Construal Contingency Model of Transformational Leadership
    Prof. dr. D.L. van Knippenberg, EUR
  • A social identity model of group emotion
    Dr. B.M. van Knippenberg, VU
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Preferences for Gradual Retirement
    Prof. dr. A.H.O. van Soest, UvT
  • Big parent is watching you: Intraindividual variability and bidirectionality in the monitoring process during adolescence
    Dr. S.J.T. Branje, UU
  • Can states be punished? The conceptual validity of state criminal responsibility in international law
    Dr. M.M.T.A. Brus, UL
  • Competition in the food chain under pressure
    Prof. dr. B.M.J. van der Meulen, WUR
  • Competition, non-governmental organizations, and product quality
    Dr. L. Schoonbeek, RUG
  • Confirmatory reasoning style and psychopathology: The role of "belief bias" in the persistence of dysfunctional convictions
    Prof. dr. P.J. de Jong, RUG
  • Detection of outliers in test, questionnaire and survey data
    Prof. dr. K. Sijtsma, UvT
  • Determinants of ingroup versus outgroup bias in aggressive interactions
    Dr. S. Otten, RUG
  • Development and application of learning models to behaviour in interdependence situations
    Prof. dr. C.C.P. Snijders, TUE
  • Dividing the care: choices of adult children with parents in need of care
    Dr. M.I. Broese van Groenou, VU
  • Dorsal and ventral stream contributions to visuomotor transformations
    Dr. H.C. Dijkerman, UU
  • Emotional contagion: The role of self and others
    Prof. dr. A.H. Fischer, UvA
  • Endogenous entry barriers and competition in banking markets
    Dr. S.R.G. Ongena, UvT
  • Extreme values in high-dimensional time series
    Prof. dr. J.H.J. Einmahl, UvT
  • Financial compensation after catastrophes
    Prof. dr. M.G. Faure LLM, UM
  • Friendships in middle childhood: developmental roots and links with (mal)adjustment
    Prof. dr. J.M.A. Riksen-Walraven, RU
  • Group composition and diversity: A multimethod examination of alignment, conflict and performance
    Prof. K.A. Jehn den Hartog, UL
  • Het gebruik van item response theorie bij persoonlijkheidsmeting
    Prof. dr. C.A.W. Glas, UT
  • Just War and Human Rights: The Philosophy and Law of Humanitarian Intervention
    Prof. mr. C.W. Maris, UvA
  • Labour and job mobility according to retrospective life-course and prospective panel designs: a substantive and methodological comparison in five countries
    Dr. R. Luijkx, UvT
  • Liquidity Risk in a Multiple Security Setting: Theory, Evidence, and Applications to Financial Stability
    Dr. A.J. Menkveld, VU
  • Memory distrust as a determinant of pseudo-memories
    Dr. M. Jelicic, UM
  • Model-based inference of price and volatility decompositions using simulation methods and high-frequency data
    Prof. dr. S.J. Koopman, VU
  • Neural mechanisms of perceptual filling-in: fMRI and MEG studies in humans
    Dr. P. de Weerd, UM
  • Neurobiological and parental determinants of infant attachment disorganization
    Prof. dr. M.H. van IJzendoorn, UL
  • Non-compliance by the flag state of the duty to effectively exercise jurisdiction and control over ships flying its flag: the possibilities for other states to take action against the flag state
    Prof. dr. A.H.A. Soons, UU
  • On Resisting and Yielding to Temptation: A Resource-Depletion Account of the Impact of Social Influence Techniques.
    Dr. B.M. Fennis, UT
  • Perception of shape in complex scenes
    Dr. S.F. te Pas, Helmholtz Instituut
  • Planning and control of tool use in healthy participants and following unilateral brain damage
    Dr. B. Steenbergen, RU
  • Power and deception in bargaining: an interdependence analysis
    Prof. dr. E. van Dijk, UL
  • Private-Public interaction and shifting patterns of global financial governance
    Prof. dr. G.R.D. Underhill, UvA
  • Referendum Campaign Dynamics: The first national Dutch referendum on the EU Constitution
    Dr. C.H. de Vreese, UvA
  • Selective visual attention for ugly body parts as a causal mechanism of body dissatisfaction
    Prof. dr. A.T.M. Jansen, UM
  • Social networks and organizational performance: a study in nursing homes
    Prof. dr. P.P. Groenewegen, NIVEL
  • Speech motor function in relation to phonology: Computational modeling of normal and disordered development
    Dr. B. Maassen PhD, UMC Radboud
  • Subclinical psychotic experiences in early adolescence
    Prof. dr. W.A.M. Vollebergh, UL
  • Temporal dynamics of human brain activity in sensorimotor integration
    Dr. W.P. Medendorp, NICI
  • The Cortical Focus Theory for Human Absence Epilepsy
    Dr. E.L.J.M. van Luijtelaar, NICI
  • The effect of risk attitude in non-cooperative games
    Prof. dr. H.J.M. Peters, UM
  • The Formation of Customary International Humanitarian Law Applicable to Non-international Armed Conflicts
    Prof. dr. H. Fischer, UL
  • The impact of prototypes and behavioural willingness on health-risk and health-promoting behaviour: Adolescents and (un)healthy eating
    Dr. R.G. Kuijer, UU
  • The influence of institutions on the economic consequences of divorce for women
    Dr. W.J.G. Uunk, UvT
  • The Magic of the Alterglobalisation Movement: Dynamics of Political Innovation in a Pluralistic Movement
    Dr. S.W. Poldervaart, UvA
  • The meaning and function of the principle "equality before public burdens" in the Dutch legal order
    Prof. mr. J.E.M. Polak, UL
  • The relationship between partners within the new forms of cohabitation and their children in a comparative legal perspective
    Prof. dr. K.R.S.D. Boele-Woelki, UU
  • The social capital of European welfare states.The crowding out hypothesis revisited
    Prof. dr. W.A. Arts, UvT
  • Verifying the time course of cerebral activations during speaking
    Dr. N.O. Schiller, UM
  • Wat werd er gezegd en hoe werd het gezegd: verminderde specialisatie van de hersenhemisferen voor emotionele semantiek en prosodie bij schizofrenie?
    Dr. A. Aleman, UMC Utrecht
  • Why we don't always mimic: the role of attractiveness in nonconscious mimicry
    Dr. R.B. van Baaren, RU

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