Journal of Econometrics

Top 10 requested papers, Year 2000
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Jan-Dec 2000
1  Guest Editorial: Principles of Econometrics, Manski Charles F., Goldberger Arthur S. 755 [abstract]
2  Econometrics and decision theory, Chamberlain Gary 678 [abstract]
3  Internet-based econometric computing, Härdle W., Horowitz J. 668 [abstract]
4  The econometric consequences of the ceteris paribus condition in economic theory, Bierens Herman J., Swanson Norman R. 632 [abstract]
5  Modeling long memory in stock market volatility, Liu Ming 587 [abstract]
6  Semiparametric identification and heterogeneity in discrete choice dynamic programming models, Taber Christopher R. 497 [abstract]
7  A simple framework for nonparametric specification testing, Ellison Glenn, Ellison Sara Fisher 486 [abstract]
8  Using a likelihood perspective to sharpen econometric discourse: Three examples, Sims Christopher A. 485 [abstract]
9  Bayesian analysis of ARMA--GARCH models: A Markov chain sampling approach, Nakatsuma Teruo 475 [abstract]
10  Galton, Edgeworth, Frisch, and prospects for quantile regression in econometrics, Koenker Roger 456 [abstract]

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