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Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship at VU

16 november 2010

New website for Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship at VU (ACE@VU)
at www.acevu.vu.nl

New name ACE@VU
As of April 1st  2010 the name of the VU Center for Entrepreneurship (VU CfE) has changed into Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship at VU (ACE@VU). This change of name follows from a close cooperation between the Centers for Entrepreneurship of VU University Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Hogeschool INHolland Amsterdam/Diemen and Science Park Amsterdam.
These participants are already working together within CASE (Center Amsterdam Schools for Entrepreneurship). This cooperation works so well, that these five Centers for Entrepreneurship decided to join their activities within the new Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). Each of the five parties accommodates their own department of ACE@ per the first of April 2010.
The mission of ACE is to encourage the entrepreneurial climate in the Amsterdam region by stimulating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behavior of Amsterdam students and by undertaking research that contributes to successful entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship at VU (ACE@VU) is part of the Management and Organisation Department (M&O) at the Faculty Economics and Business Administration VU University Amsterdam.

ACE@VU is the center of expertise when it comes to education about entrepreneurship within VU University Amsterdam. Conducting academic research on entrepreneurship is a natural part of this expertise.

It is the objective of ACE@VU to enable all VU students to get acquainted with entrepreneurship education. 

ACE@VU provides and contributes to regular educational activities on entrepreneurship at the VU University (for example the Minor Entrepreneurship, the Master Specialization Entrepreneurship, Master- and PhD theses in Entrepreneurship). Next to these activities, ACE@VU organizes activities outside the regular curriculum, such as lectures and seminars on the topic of entrepreneurship. ACE@VU supports initiatives of students, such as StudentEntrepreneurs Amsterdam and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

Furthermore, ACE@VU plays an active role in CASE, the Center of Amsterdam Schools of Entrepreneurship. In this role, ACE@VU cooperates with similar centers at the University of Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and InHolland.

Conducting and publishing scientific research in the field of entrepreneurship on a national and international level is also an important task of ACE@VU. Furthermore, the center initiates and maintains contacts with businesses, governments and the nonprofit sector by means of project based cooperation. 


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