Challenging education> Looking further
Challenging education

FEWEB is ambitious and aims at challenging education. The faculty offers a wide range of Bachelor’s programmes, (Research) Master’s programmes and Postgraduate programmes.

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FEWEB Innovation Center> Looking further
FEWEB Innovation Center

The mission of FEWEB Innovation Center is to stimulate and facilitate teaching innovation of an international top standard. The Center offers comprehensive services in information and ICT support for the VU teaching staff. Another role of the Center is to promote national and international cooperation between faculties and universities.

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Research of the very highest standard> Looking further
Research of the very highest standard

The research programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration are of outstanding international quality. This quality can be seen in the large number of publications produced within the faculty, and its high citation rate. Researchers from the faculty regularly receive scientific awards.

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Tinbergen Institute> Looking further
Tinbergen Institute

Tinbergen Institute (TI) is one of Europe's top graduate schools and research institutes in economics and finance. The institute uniquely combines the best of three leading Dutch universities, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam.

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Big Data research> Looking further
Big Data research

ACBA aims at developing, disseminating and exploiting business analytics knowledge by bringing together businesses and scientific research.

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Amsterdam Business Research Institute> Looking further
Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Since its foundation in 2009, the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) has provided a link between academic research and the business world. ABRI provides an academic shelter for its research fellows. The institute promotes national and international cooperation, organizes scientific events and offers a PhD programme.

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