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Visiting Professors

Each year, the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) offers six one-year Visiting Professor positions (0.2 FTE) for distinguished international researchers in the field of business administration.
The Visiting Professor positions are offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEWEB) of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), and are specifically connected to the research activities of ABRI. The purpose of these appointments is to stimulate development of new research on the topics relevant to the appointed professor.

Prof. Shaul Bar-Lev (Univerisity of Haifa, Israël), 2016

Prof. Shaul Bar-Lev is full professor at the Department of Statistics at the University of Haifa in Israel. His research interest lies in statistics and in stochastic operations research. He is an international expert on exponential families. In the past 12 years, he has visited The Netherlands many times, leading to intensive research collaboration with Prof. dr. van der Duyn Schouten (leading to 12 published papers plus one under review) and other researchers.

As a visiting professor Shaul Bar-Lev continues to intensify his research collaboration on Stochastic Operations Research at the Econometrics and OR Department, and will be actively involved in various research activities and events within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

ABRI Research Track: Logistics and Operations Research
Bar-Lev, Shaul

Prof. Raghu Garud (Penn State University, USA), 2016

Prof. Raghu Garud is Professor of Management & Organization and the Research Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Penn State University in the USA.
He has been a leading scholar in the field of technology and innovation studies and his work has been published frequently in absolute top journals in the field of management, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Organization Studies.
As a visiting professor, Raghu Garud supports the KIN group in further strengthening its digital innovation research agenda. So far, two members of the KIN group (Philipp Tuertscher and Hans Berends) have already been working and publishing with Raghu Garud.

ABRI Research Track: Information & Innovation Management (KIN)

Garud, Raghu

Prof. Cheri Ostroff (University of South Australia), 2016

Prof. Cheri Ostroff is Research Professor at the University of South Australia and renowned scholar in the area of HRM/OB. Cheri has an excellent publication track record: she has published over 40 manuscripts, many of which appeared in top-tier journals, such as Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Personnel Psychology. Her work has been cited over 8,000 times.
As a visiting professor, Cheri Ostroff supports the M&O department’s research activities and will organizes a two-day, international Small Group Meeting on the topic of the emergence and multi-level issues on organizations for scholars in the OB area and a Master Class for executives and business practitioners.

ABRI Research Track: Organisational Behaviour

Ostroff, Cheri




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