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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Economics at the VU University Amsterdam. The department of Economics consists of a dynamic, young and international group of researchers with an outstanding scholarly reputation.

Two main research groups form the department: the General Economics group and the Development Economics group. The common strength of these two groups is the state-of-the-art use of economic models and econometrics techniques to produce sound, theory- and evidence-based policy recommendations, be them for economic problems in developed countries or in developing and transition economies. For further information on the Development Economics group, follow the link on the left-menu.

The department strives for maintaining the highest standards of scholarly work and this feeds back into the teaching programs in a creative manner. As a result, the Master of Economics at the VU University Amsterdam, with specializations in General and Development Economics, ranks among the top in the country. A significant number of faculty members also teach at the Tinbergen Institute, one of the most prestigious graduate schools in Economics, Econometrics and Finance of the Netherlands.

Currently, the department has a genuine expertise in the following research areas:

  • The Microeconomics of the Labor Market and its Macroeconomics Implications
  • Innovative Activity and Productivity Growth
  • Industrial Organization, Competition Policy and Regulation
  • The Economics of Health, Work and Aging
  • The Microeconomics of Poverty, Risk and Development

In the most recent research assessment conducted by a team of international experts (QANU 2009), our group was awarded the excellent score of 19.5/20. In their report, the commission stated that: 'The group is consistently highly ranked in international comparisons. It delivers high quality work addressing practical policy relevant economic problems of great importance to society using cutting edge econometric techniques.'

Please visit the following links for additional information regarding our research: Selected Recent Publications & Academic Performance

For more information about specific topics, we invite you to browse through our web page. Or feel free to contact us via our Secretariat at (

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Maarten Lindeboom
Chair, Department of Economics

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