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Main publishers in Econometrics
CUP, Elsevier, MITP, OUP, Pearson, Prentice Hall, PUP, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell

80 Mundos.com [ES]
Librería virtual 80 Mundos. Estad.y mate.para economistas
A (toc publishers)
a1books.com [US]
US Booksearch and price comparison service. Price comparison slow but extensive.
Advanced Book Exchange, ABE Books [US] , [DE] , [FR] , [UK]
Buy and sell out-of-print, antiquarian and used books from a wide international range of booksellers. Form abelibrary.com
AP is an imprint of Elsevier Science since 2002. .
AddAll.com [US]
International price comparison of 34 online bookshops. Includes shipping charge and time info. Econometric Books
Addison-Wesley and Benjamin Cummins [US],
see also Pearson. Formerly also Longman. Econometric textbooks. I.a. Stock and Watson 2003
Alibris.com [US]
Used and new books
International (US,UK,CA) book Price comparison, used (eBay alibris) and new (Amazon,...,Walmart).
Econometric Books by publication date Compare prices for Greene (2007).
Amazon Booksellers [US] , [DE] , [FR] , [JP] , [UK]
Extensive Catalogue and Search Facilities
'Econometrics' catalogue (US) by customer review (196,732 titles) , Comparatively many reviews by readers.
List of 500+ Amazon Econometrics Books at Understanding Econometrics: Resources and Information (2005) [US]
Econometrics books in the UK, by popularity
Econometrics books in Germany
Econometrics books in France, by sales Books on seasonal variations in economics, Books on time-series analysis, Books on Statistics (both mathematical and baseball) .
B (toc publishers)
Books-A-Million [US] (BAMM)
Econometric books
Barnes and Noble booksellers [US]
econometrics books (>500),
Biblio.com [US]
Used, Rare, Out-of-Print, Hard-to-Find Books
Blackwell's Online Bookshop [UK]
Has taken over Heffers' online bookshop (2000)
Blackwell Publishers
Blackwell publishing taken over by Wiley (02/07)
BOL booksellers [DE], [NL] updated
Extensive search facilities. www.bol.de 111 ökonometrie bücher in store. 700+ books in econometrics and quantitative economics
bookase.com, book and textbook price comparison new
U.S. dollar prices only. Buy and Rent. By Amit Sehgal. E.g. Angrist and Pischke (2009)
Bookfinder4u.com [US]
International (CA, JA, US, UK) online book price comparison. Used and new. From ebay to Tesco. See e.g. Greene (2007).
The Bookpl@ce.co.uk [UK]
950+ econometric books, bibliographical data. Extensive Bibliographical data from bookdata.com
Multiple book price comparison. Compare Davidson & MacKinnon (2004)
booksmatter (San Diego Technical Books)
Econometric Books
BORDERS booksellers, teamed with Amazon
Buy.com [US]
New books
C (toc publishers)
Cengage Learning [US]
Formerly (2008) called Thomson Learning. Econometrics Books
Chegg.com [US] new
Textbook rental prices
CRC Press (Taylor and Francis)
Includes former CRC Chapman and Hall
CRC Statistics for Business and Finance books
Cambridge University Press (CUP) [UK]updated, [US]updated, [AU]updated.
Econometrics Books, New Econometrics Books, Econometrics and Statistics eBooks , i.a. Barreto and Howland (2005), Bierens (2004), Cameron and Trivedi (1997), Cameron and Trivedi (2005), Franses (2002), Franses and Van Dijk (2000), Franses and Paap (2001), Hensher, Rose and Greene (2005), Koenker (2005), Lindsey (2004), Yatchew (2003), Train (2003).
Econometrics books
Econometric Exercises
chambal.com [US]
Online Book price comparison. E.g. Greene (2007)
Campusbooks texbook price comparison
200+ econometrics books
Campusi, international book price comparison
40+ econometric textbooks
Chapters [CA]
Books. Canadian online bookshop. New and used books.
Renamed into EasyBookSearch.com (2006).
Classbook.com [US]
New and used college textbooks (US). Buy and Sell. Econometric Books
Many books on Statistics. Including Stochastic processes, Applied Statistics, Time Series Analysis and Applied Econometrics (Survival data, finance, Nonparametric regression). CRC bought Chapman and Hall who published the excellent Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability Series and other New Statistical Textbooks. Now part of online CRC catalogue/shop.
D (toc publishers)
Diazdesantos.es Libros [ES] new
Econometrics books
Duxbury Press [US]
Specialises in Basic Statistics textbooks. Imprint of Brooks/Cole Publishing Company/ITP, Thomson
E (toc publishers)
Econbooks.com (Amazon) [US]
Discontinued August 2007. Simple browse interface for Amazon
EasyBookSearch.com [US] , i.a.
Formerly: cheapbooks.info. Fast (5 sec) worldwide international online book price comparison, e.g. Davidson & MacKinnon (2004)
Ebay Book Stores
i.a. Greene (2007)
ebooks.com [US]
Book Catalogue and shop for Acrobat downloadable eBooks.
Econometric eBooks from Edward Elgar, CRC Press, i.a Tanizaki (2004), CUP i.a. Cameron and Trivedi (2005), Palgrave, Wiley, i.a. Verbeek (2004),
ecampus.com [US]
Edward Elgar [UK],
Econometric Books, (i.a. Economists of the Twentieth Century Series (Econometricians included)) .
Elsevier Science [US] ,(Includes Academic Press, Harcourt, Pergamon and North-Holland), part of Reed Elsevier
Research Works Act support Elsevier Mathematics new (Feb 2012)
Econometric books.
Recent Economics and Finance books updated.
Handbooks in Economics updated.
Handbooks in Economics and Finance updated.
Handbooks in Finance updated. Handbooks in Statistics
economicsdirect.com (= ECONBase) expired in 2006.
Emerald [UK]
I.a. Advances in Econometrics
Erlbaum.com [US]
Lawrence Erlbaum joined Taylor and Francis (2007) Informa Press Release 2006.
F (toc publishers)
Fatbrain, online (text)booksellers taken over by Barnes & Noble (2002)
Taken over by Barnes and Noble
Online price comparison 62 bookshops
G (toc publishers)
GARP digital libary (.org)
Buy online separate Chapters of Selected Financial Risk Management books online: credit risk, market risk, operational risk, investment management and Quantitative Analysis books. i.a. Tsay (2005)
By Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP),
H (toc publishers)
Half.Ebay.com [US]
New ebay service. E.g. Greene (2007)
Harcourt International [US]
(Included Academic Press) Taken over by Elsevier (2002). Econom(etr)ic Books and Statistical Books (Distributes Academic Press and Dryden Press).
Harvard University Press [US]
Econom(etr)ics books, I.a. Goldberger (1998), Amemiya (1994), Manski (2007).
Heffers: booksellers, Cambridge [UK]
Online bookshop taken over by Blackwell Bookshop.
I (toc publishers)
Imperial College Press (UK)
Econometrics and Mathematical Economics books. Economics and Finance books. See also World Scientific Publishing
Internet Bookshop [UK] (iBS) (bookshop.co.uk)
Division of WHSmith (2002).
Price comparisons of major online bookstores, by Glenn Fleishman. More econometric books than in general price comparisons engines, like the former R U SURE. Example Greene (2007)
J (toc publishers)
JAI Press [US]
JAI press is now (2000) subsidiary of Elsevier. Formerly publisher of Econometric Books i.a. "annual" research monographs: Advances in Econometrics. Site at Elsevier.com.
K (toc publishers)
Kluwer [NL]
(Includes Chapman and Hall and Plenum)
Kluwer merged with Springer (2004) (i.a. Advances in Econometrics and Modelling and Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics).
M (toc publishers)
(Palgrave-) MacMillan Press [UK], taken over by Palgrave [US]
Marcel Dekker, Inc. [US]
Part of Taylor and Francis Books since 2005. Econometric Books. Applied (Economic) Statistics Books
McGraw-Hill Higher Education [US], [UK], [MX]
Publishes well-known basic econometric textbooks, Gujarati (4), Gujarati (2), Pindyck and Rubinfeld (4),
MIT Press [US]
Econometric books Includes Time Series books: Harvey (1990) , Harvey (1993), Clements and Hendry (2001), Paarsch and Hong (2006), NBER Macroeconomics Annual. Computational Finance 1999 (2000) Zeuthen Lectures Series .
O (toc publishers)
Oxford University Press (OUP) [UK], [US], [CA] , [AU] updated
NOTE: catalogues differ importantly across continents!
Econometrics Books OUP [US], Advanced Texts in Econometrics [US],
Economic Books [UK],
Shephard and Castle (Eds.) (2009), The Methodology and Practice of Econometrics A Festschrift in Honour of David F. Hendry [UK] new.
Mathematics and Statistics Books [UK], OUP online bookshop [UK]
Advanced Texts in Econometrics OUP [UK] ,
Practical Econometrics Series (USA),
Econometrics Books at oxfordscholarship.com updated
Example books:
Johansen (1995)
Hendry (1995)
Franses and Paap (2004)
Ullah (2004)
P (toc publishers)
Palgrave (-Macmillan) [UK]
Palgrave Texts in Econometrics new , Palgrave Handbook in Econometrics I (2006) , Palgrave Handbook in Econometrics II (2009)
Paragraf.com Witamy w Wirtualnej Ksie;garni Paragraf [PL]
Economics, Statistics and Econometrics books in Polish
Pearson Higher Education Europe, Middle East and Africa updated , part of Pearson Education PLC [UK], [ES], [BR], [IT]
Quantitative Economics and economics textbooks,
Introductory Econometrics Books, Secondary Econometric Books.
I.a. Greene (2007). Formerly: Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, Longman, Philip Allan, Financial Time Prentice Hall.
booksites.net: Companion websites of textbooks.
Philip Allan [UK]
Published Harvey (1990), now at MIT-press. Now mainly pre-university level books.
Powells.com [US]
Used and new books. Econometric Books
Prentice Hall [US]
See also Pearson for sites in other countries. Quantitative Economics textbooks (Econometrics),
PriceGrabber.com [US]
Compares (US) prices across online bookshops, with service reviews. Econometrics books
Princeton University Press (PUP) [US] updated
Joshua D. Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke (2009), Econometric Books ( i.a. Hendry and Nielsen (2007), Hamilton (1994), Gallant (1997), Campbell, Lo and MacKinlay (1996), Hayashi (2000), ).
Proxis online bookshop [US], [BE]
Online bookshop
R (toc publishers)
Routledge [UK]
Econometrics Books.
Part of Taylor and Francis
S (toc publishers)
Sage Publications [US] updated
Lots of (basic) statistical books for Social Sciences: Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences
San Diego Technical Books (booksmatter)
Econometric Books
Springer Verlag [DE], [UK] [US]
Econometrics Books updated, i.a. Horowitz (1998)
Probability and Statistics Books [US], (, and
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems,
Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance,
Studies in Empirical Economics,
Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics(formerly Kluwer)
Springer includes former Kluwer and Plenum books and journals
Online price comparison of new and used books: Amazon, Classbook, Half.Ebay
T (toc publishers)
Taylor and Francis [UK]
(Includes Routledge and former CRC, Chapman and Hall, IOP (Institute of Physics books))
Statistics textbooks, i.a. Seddighi, Lawler, Kato (2000)
Tesco Bookstore
Econometric books. Many forthcoming books. Some inexpensive new textbooks in stock.
Thomson (ITP, ISI, Quantitative Analysis Inc, and much more) [US], [JP], [CN].
Thomson textchoice. Create your own text combining chapters from others, minimum 100 copies.
Acquired Quantitative Analysis Inc (March 2006) . Thomson Learning owns South-Western College Pub which publishes Wooldridge (2002) Acquired Paraninfo.es Spanish textbooks. Acquired Harcourt Higher Education (Oct 2000).
www.textbookx.com [US]
US only
Timberlake Consultants [UK]
International distributor of Econometric software and corresponding books
U (toc publishers)
University of Chicago Press
Economics Books, i.a. NBER (National Bureau of Economics)
W (toc publishers)
Walmart books [US]
John Wiley & Sons [EU], [US], [DE],
Wiley Online Library opening July 2010 new
Online Reference Works i.a.
Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance (EQF) new with
EQF Editors
Econometric Books, (i.a. Theil(1971), Baltagi (1995), Enders (1994), Judge and Golan (1996), Koop (2007), Verbeek (2008), Baltagi (2005), Geweke (2005)
World Scientific Publishing [SG,US,UK] updated.
Science, Technology, Economics and Finance and Asia Studies publisher Statistics Books. Economics, Finance and Econometrics Journals.
Online Catalogues Libraries and Publishers updated (toc books)
WorldCat (OCLC.org)
Catalogue of over 1,000,000,000 books.
1500 worldcat books and journals on econometrics in Google Find in a Library
Google Book Search (for Publishers) (formerly: Google Print)
Full text search of submitted books.
461 Books mentioning David Hendry. 233 Econometrics Books, 279 Econometric Books.
About Google Book Search (AAUP), About Google Book Search (Google).
The Library of the Congress Online Catalog [US] updated
Freely available. 1689 econometrics books, econometrics journals and econometrics working paper series. With links to online journals. Books in many languages.
Economics Network (.ac.uk) Econometric book list
From the TheEconomicsNetwork(.ac.uk) (formerly: Centre of the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN)
RFEs list of Academic publishers
Updated 05/2010. Short list.
Association of American University Presses (AAUPnet) [US]
Stata list of publishers of Statistics
Simple link list. Well maintained
Statistical Science Web: International Booksellers [AU]
By Gordon Smyth. Mainly Australian and USA

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