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Related Software lists, (toc software)

Econometrics | Forecasting | Mathematics | Optimisation
Quantitative Economics | Quantitative Finance | Quantitative Social Science | Statistics

John Kane's list of Econometric Software [US]
At SUNY Oswego. Not very up to date (Sep 2008)
Software Series in RePEc UPDATED
Codes archives for specific softwares, code archive of journals and individual code archives in RePEc
Gilbert Lui's list of Econometric Software [HK]
Nice layout, but not very up to date. Does not work under Firefox. Also has Statistical software and basic Tex and Linux links
Higher Education Academy Economics Network Econometric Software list [UK]
Formerly part of LTSN and CTI Economics. Very short list. Includes info on availability and UK prices (if known and applicable) and hyperlinks to reviews and suppliers. LTSN also develops a question bank with multiple choice items. Econometrics not a subject at the moment.
See also lists, tables and reviews on Forecasting software on
OR/MS Today Forecasting Software Survey (2010) UPDATED
By Jack Yurkiewicz, in OR/MS (Operations Research/Management Science) Today
Software list
Discontinued 2010
Neural Forecasting Software [DE]
On by Sven Crone. (2005).
: (2002)
Technical computing portal taken over by Mathworks Specializes in matlab code and engineering. Sorted by computer language and by application.
Statistical Tools (2002) Software list (2009)
Machine learning, Gaussian Processes, Optimisation and Support Vectors.
By Alex Smola and Bernhard Schölkopf
Gaussian Processes software (2011) UPDATED
By Carl Rasmussen
Wavelet Software Resources (2004)
By Amara Graps.
Not updated after 2001.
NEOS (Network-Enabled Optimization System) Guide to Optimization Software [US] (2011) UPDATED
Wiki at the Optimization Technology Center (OTC) of Argonne National Laboratory and NorthWestern University
Decision Tree for Optimization Software (2010) UPDATED
By Hans D. Mittelmann and P. Spelluci. Copy at
Quantitative Economics
RFE list of Statistical and Computational Software (2011) UPDATED
by Bill Goffe at Resources for Economists (RFE)
Christian Zimmerman's list of Quantitative Macro and RBC Software [CA] (2002)
Includes links to newsgroups and codes.
Alan Isaac's list of Software for Economists [US] (2009)
Extensive, but not frequently updated. Specializes in TextPad, Tex related and Gauss related software and code for economists
National Association for Business Economists (NABE), Tools for Economics and Finance (2008)
Selective annotated list
Quantitative Finance
Software resources list of Journal of Finance [US] (2007)
Part of the well visited Finance Site List of the Journal of Finance
Quantitative Social Science
The Impoverished Researcher's Guide to Mathematical and Data Processing Software (2008)
Discontinued 2010. By Micah Altman, Winner of the 1999 Best Political Science Research Website, given by the American Political Science Association Statistical Software [NL] (2008)
Sociological metalinks to software By Albert Benschop
Higher Education Academy Psychology Network directory of Psychology Software
Large Extensive database with many old and new links for (i.a.) latent variable modelling.
No longer updated after July 2011. Formerly: LTSN and CTI list of psychometric software
Statistical Computing links Statistical Science Web (2007)
By Gordon Smyth
John C. Pezzullo's Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages. [US] (2011) UPDATED
What's new. Fast, simple, very extensive and up-to-date. Part of Pezzullo's
American Statistical Association (ASA) Software List [US] UPDATED
Software by Groups, e.g. Econometrics and Time Series and by project
Wikipedia Comparison_of_statistical_packages
Compares several general aspects of general statistics and econometrics packages
OR/MS Today Statistical Software Analysis Survey (2011) UPDATED
By James J. Swain, in OR/MS (Operations Research/Management Science) Today
Statistics software list by Haiko Lüpsen [DE] (2010)
With extra info statistics lab University of Cologne
Statistical Software Support and Information UPDATED
Up-to-date site and pages by Brian Monsell, (co-)author of Census X12 and STATLinks and by Charlie Hallahan.
Statistical Software Providers (2011)
Not frequently checked link list provided by Stata.
Commercial Software package list at (2007)
Not annotated. Connected with
Spatial Statistics software list: The Softfaq of AI-GEOSTATS [IT] (2011) UPDATED
Part of AI-GEOSTATS website. By Eike Hinderk Jürrens, formerly by Grégoire Dubois . Also lots of info on Open Geo Spatial, formerly open GIS Geographic Information Systems
CSISS Spatial Tools Links to spatial resources [US] (2011) UPDATED
Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS) collection of spatial analysis software, software links, and links to information about tools for spatial analysis
Xycoon: Statistics -Econometrics-Forecasting (2006)
Links to free online resources
Sustainable World Software/Tools (2011)
List of data sources and software/tools for managing and analysing data
G.A.S.P. Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures (i.c. via WWW) [US]
Mike Conlon's WWW virtual library of Statistics at UFL [US] list of statistical software. (2003)
Statistical software list by Rainer Würländer [DE]. Discontinued 2008. (2002)
Part of late Rainer's Web Site for Statisticians in German and English
Statistical Software Vendors and Software FAQs [US] (2003)
Near the bottom! Part of World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics, at University of Florida
Clay Helberg's Statistics on the Web (2007)
I.a. Impartial Annotated List of Software-oriented pages by SPSS expert. [NL] (2004)
Discontinued 2010. Title says it all. By Patrick Houweling and co-editors

Econometric and Statistical Software Distributors (toc software)

(Inter)national distributors of econometric software packages by country:
MathStat Software [AU] (2011)
Australian Distributor of mathematical, statistical and Econometrics Software
Hearne Scientific Software [AU] (2011)
Very up-to-date. Forecasting and Econometric packages
Scientific Solutions [CH] (2011)
Wissenschaftliche Softwares auf dem Schweizer Markt. Econometrics Packages
CABIT Information Technology [CN] (2011)
Statistical software distributor in China [CO] (2011)
Latin-American distributor (Colombia) of econometric software
DPC Dittrich & Partner Consulting [DE,AT], [NL]. (2011)
Distributes Stata, Stat/Transfer, Dyalog APL, StatGraphic, StatXact, IBM DB2
Wissenschaftlicher/Scientific Software [DE] (2011)
By Stefan Steinhaus. Site also includes international links list of producers and distributors of scientific software and a Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis [DE] 5.04 Gauss, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, O-Matrix, Ox, Scilab. (Jul 2008) .
Addlink Software Científico, [ES] (2011)
Estadística - Análisis Estadístico de Datos.
Ritme Informatique [FR] (2011)
French distributor of scientific software, statistical and mathematical
Softhome [HK]
Discontinued 2005
Binary Semantics [IN] (2011)
Indian IT outsourcing and distributor of econometric, statistical, mathematical software and much more, Econometric Software
Adalta [IT] (2011)
Software per la Scienza. Formerly: (Italy).
SxST Software per la Scienza e la tecnica [IT] (2008)
Tstat [IT] (2011)
Consulenza di software per Statistica, Econometria e Matematica. Organizes Italian Stats User meetings. Incontro Italiano degli Utenti di Stata.
SCIGE [JP] (2010)
Mathematica Eviews Stata Lisrel HLM GAUSS DEA
PhilScience [KR] (2009)
Japanese prices for Limdep, RATS, Eviews, CART/MARS, LISREL, TSP
CANdiensten [NL] (2011)
Dutch distributor of Mathematica, Maple
Cosinus computing bv. [NL] (2008)
Dutch Distributor of Gauss, Eviews, PcGive, OxMetrics
Hoare Research Software [NZ] (2008)
New Zealand distributor of Maple, Matlab, Mathematica, SPSS PASW products, Forecast Pro ...
Exponenta [RU] (2008)
Russian distributor of Axum, Matlab, Maple, Matrixer, Stata, Statistica etc.
Softline [RU] (2008)
linked with Exponenta [RU]
Timberlake Consultants Ltd. [UK] (2011)
Specialized distributor and publisher of Econometric, Statistical and Mathematical Software, books and courses. Publisher of OxMetrics.
Bockytech [TW] (2004)
Not frequently updated. Distributor of many kinds of software and hardware in Taipei, Taiwan
Timberlake Consultants USA [US] (2008)
See also Timberlake UK
Quantec Research (Pty.) Ltd. [ZA] (2008)
South African distributor of econometric software and software for mathematics, statistics, forecasting

Academic Econometric Labs (toc software)

University of California at Berkeley Econometrics Lab (ELSA) (2003)
Home of Econometric Labs. Also providing advanced hands-on econometric courses
IU Stat-Math Center (2008)
Indiana University. With standard short reviews of available packages
UCSD ACS Econ Software Lab (2010)
Up-to-date with links to software publishers' websites.
NYU Statistics and Social Science Notices, General Information Documentation & Publications (2011)
Notes and Reviews (by Robert A. Yaffee and co-authors) on numerous packages:
Yale Statlab Social Science Statistical Laboratory (2011)
Well organized. Includes info on econometric packages.
Academic Services Northwestern U. IT (2010)
Lates Linux Documentation (including Manuals) of GAUSS, Ox, NAG, S-PLUS, IMSL, R,

History of Econometric Software (toc software)

NASDAQ tickers econometric software (toc software)

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