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Past Econometric Conferences in 1997

1997 | 1995-1996
(EC)² 8th Meeting on Finite Sample versus Asymptotic Methods in Econometrics, Amsterdam, December 11-13, 1997
Program available. Papers full-text online
Computational Finance 1997, London, December 15-17 1997
broken link Fifth international conference on Neural Networks in the Capital Markets, now with extended scope
International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (Society of Australia), MODSIM97, Hobart, Tasmania, 8-11 December 1997
broken link deadline abstracts: 15 May 1997, Full papers: 15 August 1997
Fifth Workshop on Finance and Econometrics, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, December 5-6, 1997
deadline Full papers: 30 September 1997
APORS, Association of Asian Pacific Operational Research Societies, 4th conference, Melbourne, 30 November - 4 December 1997
Program with list of sessions available
Midwest Econometric Group Meeting, East Lansing (MI), October 17-18 1997
Preliminary Program available
NBER/NSF Time Series Meeting, Duke University, October 10-11 1997
Program available
Application of Semiparametric Methods for Micro-Data, Tilburg, Oct 2-4, 1997
Preliminary program available
European Association of Labor Economists Conference, EALE97, Århus, Denmark, 25-28 Sep 1997
broken link (5/99) Preliminary Program available, Impressive site!
Canadian Econometric Study Group 1997 Meeting (CESG '97), Kingston, Canada, September 26-28, 1997
On Computer-Intensive Econometrics, Program available with full-text papers
Middle East Technical University (METU) Conference on Economics and Econometrics, September 18-20 1997
Deadline abstracts: August 10, 1997, Full papers August 30 1997
AEA Applied Econometrics Pharmaco-economics, Montreal, September 18-19 1997
European Economic Association EEA Congress 1997, Toulouse, August 31- September 2 1997
broken linkFull program (HTML) and Abstracts (RTF Rich Text Format) available, update:(25/7/97)
Econometric Society European Meeting ESEM1997, Toulouse, August 26-30 1997
Final Programme available in HTML, Abstracts in RTF broken link and here in HTML (288K) (3/8/97)
European Finance Association (EFA), Annual Meeting, Vienna, August 27-30, 1997
Preliminary program and list of accepted papers available
Quantitative Methods in Finance 1997 Conference, Sydney, 20-21, Cairns, 25-26, 28-29 August, 2-3 September 1997, Canberra, Australia
broken link (5/99) Preliminary program available
NBER/NSF Forecasting Seminar 1997, Cambridge, U.S.
Program, abstracts and summary discussions available soon on Frank Diebold's site
Econometric Society Latin American Meeting 1997, Santiago, Chile, August 12-15 1997
Draft Program available
8th International Conference on Quantitative Methods for the Environmental Sciences
7th General Meeting of the International Environmetrics Society, August 4-8 1997, Insbruck, Austria
Final Program available
JSM Joint Statistical Meetings: ASA, IMS, ENAR, WNAR, SSC, Anaheim, CA Aug 10-14, 1997
Preliminary program and abstracts available, Here the program sponsored by the Business and Economics section broken link (5/99)
Econometric Society Far Eastern Meeting 1997, Hong Kong, July 24-26, 1997
broken link (5/99) Includes tentative program
Third International Conference on Financial Econometrics, Juneau, Alaska, July 13-15, 1997
ESRC Econometric Study Group Annual Conference, Bristol, UK, July 10-12, 1997
Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 1997, Melbourne, July 2-4, 1997
broken link
Third Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance, Stanford, CA, Jun-Jul 1997
broken link (5/99) Deadline submissions February 15, 1997, March 15 for Posters
Econometric Society North American Summer Meeting 1997, Pasadena, CA, June 25-29, 1997
broken link Preliminary Program Available with abstracts and email-addresses (21/4/97)
IWANN1997 International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, Lanzarote, June 1997
International Symposium on Forecasting ISF'97, Barbados, June 19-21 1997
7th International Conference on Panel Data, Paris, June 19-20, 1997
program available broken link
24th International Conference on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications (SPA'97), Viña del Mar, Chile, June 16-20, 1997
deadline paper April 1, 1997, Conference Bernoulli Society
ESPE (European Society for Population Economics) Conference, Colchester, UK Jun 1997
CEMAPRE conference on Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, Lisbon, 26-28 May 1997
Ekonometridagarna 1997, Stockholm, 18-19 May, 1997
Program available
6th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics, Vienna, 21-23 May 1997
broken link Program available
AEA Applied Econometrics Employment, Maastricht May 1997
NBER-NSF Seminar on Bayesian Inference in Econometrics and Statistics, Columbus, OH, May 1997
deadline abstracts: March 10, 1997
Eastern Economics conference, Crystal City, VA, (Washington DC) April 3-6 1997
5th annual meeting Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Ted Jaditz: Preliminary Program Available
CIFEr'97 IEEE/IAFE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering, New York, March 23-25 1997
broken link (5/99) Program available
AEA Applied Econometrics Agricultural Products, La Reunion, March 1997
Workshop The Art of Nonparametric Statistics: Methodologies and Applications, Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium, Feb 19-21, 1997
Program available, Honorary Doctorate for Peter Hall
Second World Conference of the International Association for Statistical Computing, IASC, Pasadena, CA, Feb 19-22, 1997
Preliminary Program Available
AEA Applied Econometrics Construction, Neuchatel, Feb. 1997
Deadline Submissions: October 25, 1996
Second Annual Conference on Economic Simulation, Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 7-8 1997
Program available, participation free
Long-range Dependence International Workshop, Brisbane, Jan 1997
deadline November 29, 1996
American Winter Meetings Econometric Society, New Orleans, Jan 1997
broken link (5/99) Includes program
Simplicity (in particular econometrics), Tilburg, Jan 1997
deadline June 30, 1996
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1995-1996
Many programs and abstracts still available

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