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Past Econometric Conferences in 1998

1998 | 1997 | 1995-1996
9th (EC)²conference, Stockholm, 17-19 December 1998
Deadline for full papers: September 30, 1998, theme: Forecasting in Econometrics
7th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 11-14, 1998
In Celebration of T.W. Anderson's 80th Birthday
Econometric Society Indian and South East Asian Meeting 98, Delhi, India, December 15-17 1998
New Venue!!
XX Encontro Brasileiro de Econometria, Victoria, Brasil, December 9-11, 1998
Deadline for full papers, 31 July 1998
International Seminar on Seasonal Adjustment Methods, SAM'98, Bucharest, Romania, October 22-24, 1998
Deadline for abstract paper or software presentation, March 31, 1998, Organised by Eurostat
Netherlands Network of Qantitative Economics Research day (NAKE day), Amsterdam, October 23, 1998
Program and abstracts available
Newton Institute Workshop (Signal Extraction in) Econometrics and Financial Time Series Analysis, Cambridge, UK, October 12-16, 1998
Program available. Informal Meeting of active leading scientists from Statistics, Econometrics and Finance, Deadline for application: August 16, 1998
Midwest Econometrics Group Meeting, September 25-26, 1998, Bloomington, Indiana
Program available
Canadian Econometric Study Group Meeting, September 18-20, 1998, Waterloo, Western Ontario
Program available, 1998
European Association of Labour Economists Annual Conference 1998, Blankenberge, Belgium, September 17-20 1998
Impressive site! Program and papers available
AEA Conference on Modelling Energy Markets, Berlin, September 17-18, 1998
Program available French Association of Applied Econometrics conference
METU conference on ECONOMICS II, Ankara, Turkey, September 9-11, 1998
broken link (5/99) Slow Link! Econometrics is a topic, Preliminary program
Congress European Economic Association EEA'98, Berlin, September 2-5 1998
Preliminary program C sessions available
Econometric Society European Meeting ESEM1998, Berlin, August 29-September 2 1998
Program Contributed Sessions Econometrics (230K) available
XIII COMPSTAT Conference of the International Association for Statistical Computing, 24-28 August, 1998, Bristol, UK
Program available
European Finance Association (EFA), 25th Anniversary Meeting, 19-22 August, 1998, Fontainebleau, France
Preliminary program available
Joint Statistical Meetings, Dallas, Texas, August 9-13, 1998
Deadline for abstract revisions May 15, 1998. Preliminary Program available. 13 sessions in Business and Economics Statistics Section
NBER-NSF Forecasting Seminar, July 14-17, 1998, Cambridge, MA
Abstracts and discussions available
UK Econometric Study Group Conference, Bristol, July 9-11, 1998
Completed papers required by 12 June 1998
AEA Conference on Health Econometrics: Complexity and Health, Lyon I, July 9-10, 1998
Deadline for submissions: February 20, 1998. French Association of Applied Econometrics conference
New Zealand Econometric Study Group Meeting, Auckland, July 13-14, 1998
deadline title and abstract, 30 April 1998
Econometric Society Australasian Meeting, Canberra, July 8-10, 1998
broken link (5/99) Deadline abstracts March 1, 1998
Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 25th Conference, Corvallis, OR, USA, July 5-11, 1998
NewDeadline Abstracts: 1 June 1998
Second Time Series Workshop at Arrábida, Portugal, June 29-July 3, 1998
Tutorials and Discussions. Deadline for submission short presentations: May 30, 1998, Organized by CEMAPRE (Lisbon), CAMS, NJIT (Newark). Speakers: Nuno Crato, Rob Engle, Bonny Ray ..
CEFEES'98 Computation in Economics, Finance and Engineering: Economic Systems, Cambridge, UK, June 29 -July 1, 1998
Deadline for full papers, September 12, 1997, Sponsored by IFAC, SCE, IFORS, IFIP
18th International Symposium on Forecasting, ISF'98, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 10-13, 1998
Program and some papers available
Society of Labor Economists Third Annual Meeting, May 1-2, 1998, US
Program and Full papers available
AEA Conference on Gender and the Labour Market, Perpignan, France, April 2-3, 1998
Deadline for submissions: October 15, 1997. French Association of Applied Econometrics conference
HFDF2 Second Conference on High Frequency Data in Finance, Zürich, Switzerland, April 1-3, 1998
Tentative Program available
14th Biennial Conference of the Statistical Society of Australia Inc. (ASC14), Conrad Jupiters Casino, Queensland, July 6-10, 1998
proposals for panel sessions are called for
Econometric Society North American Summer Meeting, Montreal, Canada, June 25-28 1998
Program available
The seventh international conference on Panel Data, Göteborg, Sweden, June 11-12 1998
broken link (5/99) Slow link! Deadline full papers, February 28, 1998
Valencia International Meeting on Bayesian Statistics, Las Fuentes, May 30- June 4 1998
Program available
30th Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 13-16 1998
broken link (5/99) Program available, Cooperating Institutions: ASA, IMS, IASC, SIAM, INFORMS, ENAR/WNAR
Twelfth International Conference on Input-Output Techniques, New York, May 18-22, 1998
Papers available at Inforum, University of Maryland
AEA Conference on Innovations and Patents, Innovametrics and Intellectual Property Econometrics, Lyon I, France, May 14-15, 1998
Deadline for submissions: December 20, 1997. French Association of Applied Econometrics conference
Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Symposium, New York, March 19-20, 1998
Program available, 1998
Eastern Economics conference, New York City, NY February 27-March 1, 1998
Program available
Econometric Society North American Winter Meeting, Chicago, IL, 3-5 January 1998
Program availiable! Part of ASSA (Allied Social Science Association) meetings
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1997
Many programs and abstracts still available
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1995-1996

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