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Nedstat statistics in Dutch (from Sep 1996). Based on download of a gif-image. Therefore leading to fairly conservative estimates. Nice decompositions and gif-format graphs.


Extreme tracking statistics in English. From 26/3/1999.

Local detailed access statistics compiled by analog, starting 25/2/1999, (updated every fortnight)

September 1999 WWW statistics Econometric Links Econometrics Journal

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     1     5455:  2.74%: 30-Sep-99 23:54: /econometriclinks /
     2      897:  0.10%: 30-Sep-99 21:21: /econometriclinks/software.html
     3      814:  0.05%: 30-Sep-99 21:02: /econometriclinks/ooms/
     4      362:  0.03%: 30-Sep-99 22:33: /econometriclinks/economicjournals1997.html
     5      178:  0.18%: 30-Sep-99 23:42: /econometriclinks/esem97/AbstractsESEM97EC.html
    6      160:       : 30-Sep-99 22:14: /econometriclinks/slinks/
     7      140:  0.01%: 30-Sep-99 22:16: /econometriclinks/stats3.html
     8      124:       : 30-Sep-99 18:45: /few/ei/ 
In all 8 different documents have been consulted more than 120 times in the survey perio d

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