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Nedstat statistics in Dutch. Based on download of a gif-image. Therefore leading to fairly conservative estimates. Nice decompositions and gif-format graphs.


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This month's statistics (site under construction)

Extreme tracking statistics in English. From 26/3/1999.

April 1999 WWW statistics Econometric Links Econometrics Journal

Information from server

Survey period: from-to
Aanvragen geanalyseerd van Don-01-Apr-1999 00:00 tot Programma gestart op Din-04-Mei-1999 00:17.

Total Number of Bytes (last week in brackets)
Totale hoeveelheid data verzonden: 15,682 Mbytes (3,058 Mbytes)

Requests for EI (=EB) by page requests for WebDOC documents EI and requests from EUR by reverse subdomain. NOTE: Since November 1997, a local search engine visits all pages every few days.

Requests for EI

  Rank #Requests %Bytes  Last Date   Picture/Page Consulted
    29	  37498:  4.29%:   /few/ei/
   114	   4011:  2.04%:  3-Mei-99 23:35: /econometriclinks/
   242	    617:  0.05%:  3-Mei-99 21:39: /econometriclinks/software.html
   254	    584:  0.05%:  3-Mei-99 23:42: /econometriclinks/ooms/
   425	    306:  0.02%:  3-Mei-99 17:18: /few/ei/
   468	  266: /few/ei/indexuk.html
   552	    215:  0.01%: 19-Apr-99 12:37: /few/ei/indexuk.html
   772	    144:  0.03%: 19-Apr-99 09:44: /few/ei/papers/
   874	   76: /few/ei/faculty/ooms/
   880	   66: /few/ei/statst.html
   882	   56: /few/ei/papers/
In all 11 different documents have been consulted more than 250 times in the survey period

WebDOC papers EI

  Rank #Requests %Bytes Last date  
In all 0 different EI WebDOC abstracts/papers have been consulted more than 250 times

Previous Months EI

More statistics on other pages of the server and on previous months on WWW statistics of

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