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Past Econometric Conferences in 2000

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December 2000 (toc 2000)
First Indian Joint Statistical Meeting, December 30, 2000- January 3, 2001, New Delhi, India
Deadline for abstracts: August 31, 2000. Sponsored by (i.a.) Indian Econometric Society (IES) and International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)
VOC (Dutch/Flemish Society for Ordination and Classification) Fall Meeting on nonparametric methods, December 1, 2000, Tilburg, Netherlands
Speakers: Melenberg, Gijbels, Silverman, Timmermans, Van Soest, Donkers
November 2000 (toc 2000)
Maths Week, Applied financial econometrics conference by Risk, 27 November - 1 December, 2000, London, UK
A RISK conference
Math Week, Applied financial econometrics conference by Risk, November 17-20, 2000, New York, USA
A RISK conference
INFORMS 2000, November 5-8, 2000, San Antonio, TX, USA
First general annual Conference of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
Southern Finance Association Meeting, November 15-18, 2000, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Program available
Bayesian Applications and Methods in Marketing Conference (BAMMCONF), November 8-11, 2000, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Program available. Preceded by MCMC courses. Organized by Greg Allenby.
October 2000 (toc 2000)
Financial Management Association Meeting, October 25-28, 2000, Seattle, US
Program available. Conference of the FMA
Conference on Monetary Policy Challenges In The 21st Century, A Transatlantic Perspective, October 26-28, 2000, Washington DC
Organized by Federal Reserve Board and Georgetown University. For new research on theoretical, empirical and practical aspects of monetary policy
Midwest Econometrics Group, Annual Meeting, October 20-21, 2000, Chicago, USA
Program available. Conference of the Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG)
Telecoms Market Forecasting 2000, October 17-20, 2000, London, UK
Up-to-date application of econometric modelling and other forecasting methodologies in telecom market.
20% discount for subscribers of The Econometrics Journal.
International Atlantic Economic Conference (IAE, 50th), October 15-18, 2000, Charleston, South Carolina, US ,
Preliminary Program available. Annual conference of the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES). All economic topics including econometrics.
Research Day Netherlands Network of Quantitative Economics and Econometrics (NAKE), October 13, 2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands new
Deadline for abstracts: September 22, 2000
Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Annual Meeting (LACEA), October, 12-14, 2000, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Preliminary Program available.
Risk Magazine Credit Risk Conference, October 12-13, London, UK
With Credit risk analytics stream
Conference on intertemporal finance, October 6-7, 2000, Konstanz, Germany
Program available. Special sessions for econometrics of finance. Preceded by:
Conference of the German Finance Association (DFG), October 5, 2000, Konstanz
Program available.
Workshop on nonparametric, semiparametric and resampling methods, 4-5 October 2000, Madrid, Spain
September 2000 (toc 2000)
Northern Finance Association Meeting, September 29- October 1, 2000, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Program available
Canadian Econometric Study Group Conference, September 29-October 1, 2000, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Final Programme available. (Non Canadian affiliated) Speakers list include Miguel Delgado, Don Andrews, Joel Horowitz, Aman Ullah, Jeff Racine. TOpic: Nonparametric and semiparametric methods.
NBER/NSF Time Series Workshop, September 22-23, 2000, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Preliminary Program available
International Conference on Computer Simulations and the Social Sciences, (ICCS&SS II), September 18-20, 2000 Paris France
Tentative programme available
Spatial and Computational Statistics conference, September 17-21, 2000, Ambleside, UK
Deadline for Abstracts: May 31, 2000. List of invited speakers availeble. Conference of the European Spatial and Computational Statistics Network
Ninth European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, September 13-16 2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Deadline for full drafts: July 1, 2000. Special issue of Health Economics.
METU-ERC International Conference in Economics (and Finance) IV, September 13-16, 2000, Ankara Turkey
Deadline for paper submission: June 1, 2000. Organized by Economic Research Center, Middle East Technical University
European University Institute (EUI) Econometrics Summer School, September 11-16, 2000, Firenze, Italy
On: State Space Modelling with Applications to Business Cycle Analysis, by Siem Jan Koopman and Tomasso Proietti
Royal Statistical Society International Conference (RSS), September 13-15, Reading, UK
Deadline for abstracts: April 1, 2000
OR 42, Operational Research in the 21st Century, 12-14 September 2000, Swansea, Wales
Deadline for electronic abstracts: May 26, 2000. Theme: Communications and Knowledge Management
Money, Macro & Finance Group Conference, September 6-8, 2000 London, UK
Deadline for papers: April 30, 2000, Conference of the ESRC Money Macro and Finance Research Group (MM&F)
August 2000 (toc 2000)
European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Conference, August 30-September 2, 2000, Barcelona, Spain new
Deadline for (electronic) abstracts: January 13, 2000. Conference of the ERSA and RSAI. Spatial econometrics.
European Economic Association, annual congress, August 30-September, 2, 2000, Bolzano, Italy
deadline for full papers, March 1, 2000
4th International Conference on Econometric Decision Models, August 38-31, 2000, Hagen, Germany
Deadline for full papers: June 1, 2000
Conference European Finance Association (EFA), 23-26 August 2000, London
Program available
Conference of the international association for statistical computing, COMPSTAT 2000, August 21-25, 2000, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Conference schedule available
13th International Conference on Input-Output Techniques, August 21-25, 2000, Macerata, Italy new
Programme available. Conference of the International Input-Output Association
International workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications, August 18-20, 2000, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Program available
Computational Methods in Decision-Making and Finance, August 16, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 3, 2000
Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM 2000), August 13-17, 2000, Indianapolis, USA new
Preliminary program Business & Economics Statistics Section ASA available.
World Congress Econometric Society, WCES 2000, August 11-16, 2000, Seattle, WA, USA
All programs (schedule, invited, contributed)
Info from Timberlake on hands-on Econometric Courses around the World conference . Here is the last schedule:

Lecturers Title Course Duration coursedate
David Hendry and Jurgen Doornik Modelling Dynamic Econometric Systems using PcGive 1 day August 10
Andrew Harvey and Siem Jan Koopman STAMP 6: Structural time series analyser modeller and predictor 1 day August 10
Jurgen Doornik and Marius Ooms Ox course: An Introduction to Modern Econometric Programming 2 * 1/2-day August 16 PM, August 17 AM
Hans-Martin Krolzig Modelling Markov Switching Processes using MSVAR for Ox 1/2 day August 17

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Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection, August 7-18, 2000, Colchester, UK
I.a. Time Series methods for Political Science and Econometrics
Conference on Random Utility, August 3-8, 2000, Durham, N.C. USA
Deadline for application package: December 1, 1999. Full papers due, May 1, 2000
Search and Matching Models of the Distribution of Income, Tow Conference, August 3-5, Iowa, USA
Deadline for detailed abstracts (snail mail!): January 31, 2000. Only 20 papers.
Quantitative Risk Management in Finance, July 31-August 5, 2000, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Program available. International Mathematical Finance conference at Center for Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon
Time Series Workshop at Arrábida , July 24-28, 2000, Arrábida , Portugal new,
Workshop and presentations by participants. Quantitative Forecasting: New Developments. Organized by Nuno Crato at Department of Mathematical Sciences NJIT
14th SINAPE , Brazilian Symposium on Statistics and Probability, July 24-28, 2000, Caxambu, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Deadline for full papers, 31 March 2000
Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection, Colchester,July 24 - August 4 2000, UK
I.a. Limited Dependent Variable Econometrics
Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection, July 10-21, 2000, Colchester, UK
I.a. Time Series Econometrics
African Econometrics Society Conference, July 5-7, 2000, Johannesburg, South-Africa
Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2000
22nd Biennial Conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioural Sciences (SMABS), 17-19 July, 2000, London, UK
Deadline for paper and posters: March 1, 2000
15th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM), July 17-21, 2000, Bilbao, Spain
Slow link Theme: New trends in Statistical Modelling. No parallel sessions. Influential econometricians and statisticians from Europe, U.K. and U.S.
ESRC Econometric Study Group, Annual Conference, 13-15 July, Bristol, UK
slow links, Final Programme and online papers available. Conference of the UK Econometric Study Group .
The Econometrics Journal Invited Lecture: Paul Ruud on "Semi-Parametric Estimation of Multinomial Choice Models
Other Invited speakers: Martin Browning and Jeff Wooldridge, editor of JBES. Both Ruud (2000) and Wooldridge (2000) finished new textbooks this year.
Accuracy 2000, July 12-14, 2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Deadline abstracts. October 1, 1999. Special conference of spatial statistics and environmetrics
Royal Economic Society and Scottish Economic Society, Annual Conference, July 10-13, 2000, St Andrews [UK]
New website. Program with abstracts available. The Scottish Economic Society website provides most details (Nov 1999). Special issue Economic Journal.
Deadline abstracts. October 1, 1999. Special conference of spatial statistics and environmetrics
Cardiff Conference on Long Memory and Nonlinear Time Series, July 9-11 2000, Cardiff Bay, UK
Organized by James Davidson and David Peel
Fourth World Congress of Cliometrics, Montreal, July 6-9, 2000 new
Program available. Conference of the Cliometric Society anno 19899
Financial Management Association Pacific Conference, July 6-8, 2000, Melbourne, Australia
Computation in Economics and Finance, July 6-8, 2000, Barcelona (Spain)
Programme available. 6th Annual Society for Computational Economics (SCE) conference. Papers available
15th Australian Statistical Conference, July 3-7, 2000, Adelaide, Australia
Economic Society of Australia Annual Conference, July 3-6, 2000, Queensland, Australia
Deadline for papers, March 31, 2000. Conference of the Economic Society of Australia.
Western Economic Association International (WEAI) conference, June 29 - July 3, 2000, Vancouver, Canada
Program available
Las Jornadas sobre Modelización Económica, June 29-30, 2000, Madrid, Spain
Programa disponible
Society of Economic Dynamics Meeting, June 29 - July 1, 2000, San Jose, Costa Rica
Program available. Conference of the Society for Economic Dynamics (SED)
Symposium on Non-linear Time Series, Stochastic Networks and Allied Modern Statistical Techniques, June 28-July 2, 2000, Canberra, Australia
A schedule of speakers will be released shortly before the symposium. Expert Speakers. Organized by Rodney Wolff and Dominique Guegan.
First World Congres Bachelier Finance Society, June 28 - July 1, 2000, Paris
Program available. Joint international conference of French Finance Association and French Mathematical Society.
Conference on Global Economic Analysis, June 27-30, 2000, Melbourne, Australia
Programme available. Quantitative Policy Modelling. Part of Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)
World conference of Labo(u)r Economists (EALE/SOLE), June 22-25, 2000, Milan, Italy
Programme available. Joint conference of European Labour (EALE) and US Labor Economists, SOLE
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, June 22-25, 2000, Los Angeles, CA, USA
An INFORMS conference. 1999 conference in Syracuse
9th International Conference on Panel Data, June 22-23, 2000, Geneva, Switzerland
Programme available
Western Finance Association (WFA) Annual Meeting, June 21-24, 2000, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA
Program and papers available. Meeting of the WFA
Program available
20th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF), June 21-24, 2000, Lisbon, Portugal
Program available. 4 Econometric keynote speakers: Makridakis, Peńa, Tjřstheim, Watson, Zellner
Premičre Rencontre d’Econométrie et Statistique, June 20, 2000, Lille 3 – Littoral, France
Programme disponible
International Conference on Monte Carlo Simlation 2000 (MCS 2000), June 18-21, 2000, Monte Carlo
Appropriate venue. Not really econometrics though... Special issue of Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics
Scuola Estiva di Econometria, June 19-July 1, Bertinoro (FO), Italy
Italian Summer School of Econometrics. Program and course outlines available. Organized by CiDE one of the sponsors of the first special issue of the Econometrics Journal
EcoSummit 2000, 18-22 June 2000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Programme available. Incorporates the 2000 (International Society of Ecological Economics), ISEM International Meeting, the AEHMS 2000 Business Meeting and the constituting meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society
International Conference on Establishment Surveys - II, (ICES), June 17-21, Buffalo, NY, USA
Program available. Panel research on Businesses, farms and institutions, i.a. survey errors, indicators, seasonal adjustment and trend estimation, benchmarking, measurement errors, meta analysis. By and for producers and users of U.S., Canadian, Australian and European data.
European Society for Population Economics annual conference (ESPE 2000), June 15-17, 2000, Bonn, Germany
Deadline for abstracts: February 1, 2000
Conference on Analysis of Repeated Cross-sectional Surveys, June 15-16, 2000, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Programme available. Speakers include Nathaniel Beck, Rob Eisinga, Moshe Feder, Tsoung-Chao Lee, Ori Rosen, Marno Verbeek. Special issue of Statistica Neerlandica
2nd Conference on numerical analysis and applications, June 11-15, 2000, Rousse, Bulgaria, US homepage
View abstracts. Session on Computational Methods in Economics, Finance and Statistics
CEMAPRE conference on Mathematics applied to Economics and Management, June 5-7, 2000, Lisbon Portugal
Keynote speaker: David Hendry. Program available, May 15, 2000. Econometricians very welcome
Empirical Economics, Special Issue and Conference on Quantile regression, June 1-4, 2000, Konstanz, Germany
Progam and papers available . See Empirical Economics for more information on the journal
Nordic Conference on Mathematical statistics, June 5-8, 2000, Grimstad, Norway
Econometric themes: macroeconomic modelling, financial modelling. List of speakers includes Eilev Jansen, Sřren Johansen, Murad S. Taqqu, Holger Rootzen, Anders Rahbek
Bias reduction and confidence estimation in complex models, June 1-3, 2000, Lillesand, Norway
Programme available. Special focus on applications in economics. Part of Highly Structured Stochastic Systems (HSSS) scientific programme.
May 2000 (toc 2000)
European Summer School in Labor Economics, May 29-June 4, 2000, Buch, Bavaria, Germany
Deadline for submissions: December 31, 1999
International Society for Bayesian Analysis World Conference, (ISBA), May 28-June 1, 2000, Hersonissos, Greece
Program available
Financial Management Association European Meeting, May 25-26, 2000, Edinburgh, UK
Program available
7th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics: Theory and Applications in Economics and OR/MS, May 24-26 2000, Vienna, Austria
Program available
Review of Economic Studies May Meeting, May 18-19, 2000, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Also in Lodon, Toulouse and Tel Aviv. Meetingof the Review of Economic Studies
Conference on Applied Statistics in Ireland, May 17-19, 2000, Rosslare, Ireland
Programme available. Annual Conference of the Irish Statistical Association (ISA)
World Congress Bernoulli Society and Annual Meeting Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), May 15-20, 2000, Guanajuato, Mexico
Program available
INFORMS Spring Meeting, May 7-10, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Program available. Conference of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
York Annual Meeting in Econometrics, May 13, 2000, York, UK
Program available: Phillips, Hillier, Smith, Magnus, Schmidt. Organized by Econometrics Journal editor, Karim Abadir.
Cowles Foundation Conference on The Econometrics of Strategy and Decision Making, May 5-7th, 2000, New Haven, CT, USA
Program available. Special issue of Journal of Applied Econometrics. 47 accepted papers.
April 2000 (toc 2000)
Midwest Macroeconomics Conference, April 14-16, 2000, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Program available
Workshop on Statistical Inference, April 10-12, 2000, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Program available. Key speakers: Anthony C. Davison, Jane-Ling Wang, James S. Marron, Holger Rootzén, Themes: Bootstrap, smoothing, extremes and censoring.
Young Statisticians' Meeting (YSM), April 10-22, 2000, London, U.K.
Programme available
Colloque des Jeunes Economčtres, 6-8 April, 2000, Marseille, France
Program available
Interface 2000, Symposium on the interface of Computer Science and Statistics, April 5-8, 2000, New Orleans
Conference of the Interface Foundation of North America (IFNA), Statistical and Computing Societies.
March 2000 (toc 2000)
MidWest Finance Association Meeting, March 31- April 2, 2000, Chicago,
Program available
Conference of the Irish Economic Association, March 31 - April 2, 2000, Waterford, Ireland
Deadline for papers December 17, 19999. Papers are invited from any area of Economics and Econometrics. Conference of the Irish Economic Association (IEA)
Midwest Econometrics Group 2000 Spring Meeting, March 31-April 2, 2000, Chicago, IL, USA
Part of Midwest Economics Association 2000 Annual meeting
Young Economists Conference, March 27-28, 2000, Oxford (UK)
Deadline for (<4 page) abstracts: December 1, 1999. Call for papers site in Santiago, Spain . Covers any area of economics, including econometrics. European platform for young PhD students and assistant professors to present and discuss their work
Eastern Economic Conference, March 24-26, 2000, Crystal City (Washington DC), USA
Deadline for Papers, November 30, 1999
Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, March 16-17, 2000, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Deadline for submissions: January 10, 2000
49th International Atlantic Economic Conference, March 14-21, 2000, Munich, Germany
Origanized by the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES). Covers all JEL categories. Abstracts of 500 words sollicited
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 2000, March 13-16, 2000, Toronto, Canada
Spatial Econometrics. Programme not yet available (3/1/00)
February 2000 (toc 2000)
Conference on Employer and Employee Data, Aarhus, February 24-25, 2000
Program and papers available
International Symposium on Frontiers of Time Series Modeling, February 7-9, 2000, Tokyo
Program available Organized by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
January 2000 (toc 2000)
First Annual Risk management convention GARP 2000, January 31-February 2, 2000, New York, NY, USA
Organized by Global Association of Risk Professionals(GARP) (8 % Academic)
School of Physics and Economics, January 10-13, 2000, Guanajuato, Mexico
Deadline for subscribtion: December 3, 1999
Workshop on Economic Dynamics, January 13-15, 2000, Amsterdam
Preliminary program available. Nonlinear, endogenous, deterministic, stochastic, finance etc.
American Finance Association (AFA), 2000 meeting, January 7-9, 2000, Boston, MA
Preliminary program with links to abstract and articles available
American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meeting, January 7-9, 2000, Boston, MA
Program available
2000 North American Winter Meeting Econometric Society, January 7-9, 2000, Boston, MA
Program available
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1999
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1998
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1997
Many programs and abstracts still available
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1995-1996

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