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Past Econometric Conferences in 1999

1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1995-1996
10th (EC)2 Conference on financial econometrics, December 16-18, 1999, Madrid, Spain
New URL! (29/9/99). Program available (26/11/99).
8th Symposium on Finance, Banking and Insurance, December 15-17, 1999, Karlsruhe, Germany
Very preliminary program available. Final program (>100 presentations) avail able October 1999
High Freque ncy Financial Markets Data Conference, December 10, 1999, Cambridge, Massachuset ts
Deadline for full papers: July 31, 1999. Special issue of J ournal of Business and Economic Statistics
Conference on Robust a nd Risk Sensitive Decision Theory in Economics and Finance, 9 December 1999, Lon don, UK
Top econometric speakers. Free attendance. More info on Financial Econometrics Research Center, City University Business School website
MODSIM99, Mode lling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand meeting, December 6-9, 1999, Hamilton, New Zealand
Preliminary Programme, including scientific sessions, available.
XXI Encontro Brasileiro de Econom etria, 8-10 December 1999, Bel\351m - Par\341, Brasil.
Program available. Conference of the SBE
XX\350me Rencontre Fran co-Belge de Statisticiens, November 25-26, Brussels, Belgium
Theme: (Financial and dynamic) Factor models. Program available.
Risk Management Conference of Journal of Empirical Finance, November 19-20, 1999, Algarve, Portugal
Program ava ilable here. Organized for special issue of Journal of Empirical Finance
North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), November 11-14, 1999, Montreal, Canad a
Programme avaible. Spatial econometrics. Conference of the RSAI.
Marketing Econometrics Workshop, November 4-5, 1999, Rotterdam, [NL]
Program available
Annual Research Day Netherlands Network of Quantitative Economics (NAKE), October 22, 1999
Program and abstracts available
Cowles Foundation Econometrics Conference, October 23-24, 1999, New Haven, CT, USA
Theme: New Developments in Time Series Econometrics (Long memory, nonlinear, simulation based inference), Program available
International Asset Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 1999, Montreal, Canada
Program available. Subscription deadline: 30 September 1999
Conference on The Econometrics of Price and Product Competition, October 21-23, 1999, Toulouse, France
Deadline for papers: May 31, 1999, Organizer: Marc Ivaldi, Combines CEPR Workshop on Applied Industrial Organization and the Twelfth CREST-NBER Franco-American Seminar on Economics
Network of Quantitative Economics, Dutch Research Day, 22 October 1999, Rotterdam
Deadline for submission: October 1, 1999
Midwest Econometrics Group 9th Annual Meeting, October 8-9, 1999, Ames, Iowa
Preliminary Program available. Info: Yannis Billias, ATTN: Sue Streeter
International Atlantic Economic Conference (IAE, 48th), October 7-10, 1999, Montreal, canada
Economic Society of Australia Conference 1999, September 27-30, Melbourne, Australia
Deadline for submission, July 19, 1999. Invited and Contributed papers. 28th Annual Conference of Economists
Money Macro & Finance Research Group Annual Meeting, September 22-24, Oxford, UK
Program available. Conference of the (UK ESRC) Money Macro and Finance Research Group (formerly Money Study group, now with broader scope)
Computational and Quantitative Finance Annual Conference, September, 1999, New York NY
Conference of the Journal of Computational Finance
Annual Canadian Econometric Study Group Meeting (CESG'99), September 24-26, 1999, Montreal
Preliminary Program available. Theme: Econometric Methods and Financial Markets. Organized for CESG
European Association of Labour Economists (EALE) Annual Conference, September 23-26, 1999, Regensburg, Germany
Programme available. Papers online for subscribers. Book of abstracts free for all
Conference on Nonlinear Modeling of Macroeconomic Relations, September 17-18, 1999, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Program available. Organized by Philip Hans Franses and Timo Teräsvirta for special issue of Macroeconomic Dynamics. The Tinbergen institute provides an additional page
METU International Conference in Economics /III, September 8-11, 1999, Ankara, Turkey
Deadline for abstract submission, June 15, 1999. (Accepted presentation: full paper August 15, 1999).
8th European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, September 8-10, 1999, Catania, Italy
Programme available. Special issue of Health Economics. Contact Andrew Jones at the Department of Economics and Related Studies in York (UK). Mail
European Association for Research in Industrial Economics Annual Conference, September 4-7, 1999, Torino, Italy
Preliminary program available
EEA 1999, European Economic Assoication Yearly Congress, September 2-4, 1999, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Deadline for full papers and suggestions for D-sessions by snail mail: March 1, 1999
ESEM 1999, Econometric Society European Meeting, August 28 - September 1, 1999, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Searchable Programme and abstracts available, All Econometrics Sessions in html (199K)
Conference on Uncertainty and Factor Demands, August 26-27, 1999, Hamburg, Germany
Deadline for full papers: April 30, 1999
European Finance Association, Annual Conference, August 25-28, 1999, Helsinki, Finland
Deadline for 3 full copies of paper: March 1, 1999 (to be blind-refereed!)
1999 World Congress International Economic Association (IEA), August 23-27, 1999, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Deadline for full paper, February 14, 1999
International Conference on Comparative Analysis of Enterprise (micro) Data, CAED'99, August 19-20, 1999, The Hague, The Netherlands
Deadline May 1, 1999
52nd Session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), August 10-18, 1999, Helsinki, Finland
Biannual conference of the ISI. Wide range of topics. Probability Theory. Mathematical Statistics, Time Series, Statistical Computing, Econometrics, Official Statistics, Statistics Education, Actuarial Science, ...
Joint Statistical Meetings, Baltimore, Maryland, August 8-12, 1999
Deadline for first abstract, February 1, 1999. Deadline for abstract revisions May 15, 1999. Sessions in Business and Economics Statistics Section
8th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, August 6-7, 1999, Tampere, Finland
Early registration deadline June 1, 1999. Part of ISI meetings 1999
Econometric Society Latin American Meeting, LAMES 1999, August 2-6, 1999, Mexio D.F., Mexico
Program and online papers available
Institute of Business Forecasting Annual Conference, August 1-8, 1999, San Francisco, CA
Applied business forecasting in big firms, econometric at times
3rd Time Series Workshop at Arrábida, Portugal, July 26-30, 1999
Deadline for submission presentations: April 30, 1999. Linear and Nonlinear Time Series Analysis. Organized by Nuno Crato for CAMS, NJIT [US] and CEMAPRE [PT]. Conferência Econometria/Sucessões Cronológicas.
Escola de Séries Temporais e Econometria (8a ESTA), July 21-23, 1999, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Deadline for posters/presentations: May 15, 1999
Applications of Physics in Financial Analysis, July 15-17, 1999, Dublin, Ireland
Deadline for abstracts: May 14, 1999. Branching out of European Physicists to Economics: division of Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Phenomena
UK Econometric Study Group Annual Conference, July 15-17, 1999, Bristol, UK
Programme available. Organized by ESRC Econometric Study Group.
New Zealand Econometric Study Group Annual Conference, July 13-14, 1999, Auckland, NZ
Preliminary Program available
International Conference of the Royal Statistical Society, RSS99, July 12-15, 1999, Warwick, UK
Deadline for abstracts: January 31, 1999. Theme: Risk. Special workshops on software, change-point detection
Asia-Pacific Finance Association Annual Conference, July 11-14, 1999, Melbourne Australia
List of accepted papers available. Conference of the Asia-Pacific Finance Association. Founded 1993.
Complementary Research Methodologies: The Interplay of Theoretical, Empirical and Field-Based Research in Finance, July 7-9, 1999, Boston, MA
Papers, slides (pdf) and talks (real audio) available online. Works perfectly for speakers, online reactions sometimes harder to figure out. Joint conference Harvard Business School and Journal of Financial Economics
Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 1999, July 7-9, 1999, Sydney, Australia
Deadline for papers, March 15, 1999
14th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), July 5-9, 1999, Bejing, P.R. China
Sessions on Business and Management techniques organized by Stefan Mittnik
Fourth Annual Conference on Econometric Modelling for Africa, July 7-9, Witwatersrand, South Africa
Deadline for papers/abstracts: April 1, 1999
Applied Econometrics Association (AEA-francophone) Conference on Neural Nets and Health Econometrics, July 8-9, 1999, Verona, Italy
Deadline for theme proposals, December 31, 1998
Econometric Society Far Eastern Meeting (FEMES), July 1-3, 1999, Singapore
Program available
International Symposium on Forecasting(ISF), June 27-30, 1999, Washington DC, US
Preliminary Program available
Society for Economic Dynamics (SED), Annual Meeting, June 27-30, 1999, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
Deadline for abstracts: February 1, 1999
Computational Economics, 5th International Conference (CEF99), June 24-26, 1999, Boston College, MA, US
Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 1999
Econometric Society, North American Summer Meeting, June 23-27, 1999, Madison, Wisconsin
Deadline for abstracts: January 29, 1999
Western Finance Association, Annual Meeting, June 20-23, 1999, Santa Monica, CA
Program and online papers available. Conference of the (international) Western Finance Association (WFA)
Conference on Econometric Integration of Model Uncertainty and Decision Making, June 17-19, 1999, Rotterdam
Preliminary Program available. Special issue of Journal of Applied Econometrics.
7th International Conference of the Sorbonne: Multinational firms’ strategies, June 17-18, 1999, Paris
Registration still possible on (7/6/99). Program available. Theoretical and Empirical IO, Origanized by CESSEFI.
International Workshop on Objective Bayesian Methodology, June 11-13, 1999, Valencia, Spain
More properly: Non-subjective Bayesian Statistical Methodology: noninformative priors, reference priors, conventional priors ...
Dansk Økonometrisk Selskab, 1999 møde, June 11-13, 1999, Sandbjerg Slot, Denmark
Yearly conference Danish (wide sense) econometricians
31st SYMPOSIUM ON THE INTERFACE: Models, Predictions, and Computing, June 9-12, 1999, Schaumburg, IL, USA
Full program available. Includes abstracts. Conference of the Interface Foundation of North America (IFNA), Statistical and Computing Societies.
Second World Conference International Health Economics Association, June 6-9, 1999, Rotterdam
Deadline for abstracts: January 1999
LSE FMG conference on Limits to Forecasting in Financial Markets, June 4-5, 1999, London UK
Program available. Influential time series econometricians
Appplication of Heavy Tailed Distributions in Economics, Engineering and Statistics, June 3-5, 1999, Washington DC
Preliminary program available Slow link! Well known invited speakers.
Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) Fourth Annual Meeting, May 7-8, 1999, Cambridge, MA
Preliminary programme available
AEA (Applied Econometric Association) conference on Employment, Inequalities and Social Policies, May 20-21, 1999, Pau, France
AEA conference, organized by Danielle Meulders
Conference on Macroeconomic Transmission Mechanisms, Empirical Applications and Econometric Methods, 15-17 April, 1999, Trondheim, Norway
Programme available. Downloadable papers by David Hendry, Katarina Juselius, Gunnar Bårdsen, Eilev Jansen, and Ragnar Nymoen, Mathias Hoffman, Jesper Linde, Luca Fanelli and Paolo Paruolo, Roger Bjørnstad, Hans Christian Kongsted, Kåre Johansen, Farooq Akram, Karl Ove Moene, Niels Haldrup and Michael Jansson, Søren Johansen, Rolf Larsson, Peter Boswijk, Jurgen Doornik, Ernst Hansen and Anders Rahbek, Tom Engsted and Carsten Tanggaard, Antti Ripatti and Pentti Saikkonen.
Young Economists Meeting, April 10-11, 1999, Amsterdam
Deadline abstracts: November 16, 1998. Covers any area of economics, including econometrics. European platform for young PhD students and assistant professors to present and discuss their work
Nordic Econometric Meetings (Ekonometridagarna), May 6-7, Uppsala, Sweden
Conference with support for participants from all Nordic an Baltic countries. Program available.
Royal Economic Society, annual conference, March 29 - April 1, 1999, Nottingham (UK)
Closing date for applications: February 12, 1999. Selected papers published in the Economic Journal
Second International Conference on Multilevel Analysis, March 30-31, 1999, Amsterdam
Multi level structural equations.
Spring Meeting Midwest Econometrics Group, March 26-28, Nashville, 1999, Tennessee
Slow link Preliminary Program available. New Series, emphasis on applications. Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting
Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 7th annual Symposium, New York, March 18-19, 1999
Program available
Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Application and Potential of Wavelet Methods: Key to intermittent information?, February 24-25, 1999, London
Organized by Daubechies, Hunt, Silverman and Vassilicos. program available. Call for submission of posters
6th Workshop on Financial Modeling and Econometric Analysis, January 29-30, 1999, Lille, France
Program available
6th Computational Finance Conference, Jan 7-8, 1999, New York
Quality Site! Program available. Deadline for early registration, Dec 1, 1998
European Winter Meeting Econometric Society, January 6-9, 1999, Rotterdam
Young invited speakers only
American Finance Association, 1999 Annual Meeting, January 3-5, 1999, New York, NY
Preliminary program available
American Economic Association Annual Meeting, January 3-5, 1999, New York, NY
Preliminary program available
North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society, Jan 3-5, 1999, New York
Program available
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1998
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1997
Many programs and abstracts still available
Econometric Conferences of Econometric Interest of 1995-1996

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