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Past Econometric Conferences in 2001

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December 2001 (toc 2001)
Australasian Finance & Banking Conference (AFBC), December 17-19, 2001, Sydney, Australia
Deadline for papers: August 15, 2001. Special issue of Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Multinational Financial Management
Simposio de análisis económico, December 14-16, 2001, Allicante, Spain
Deadline for papers: July 15, 2001
(EC)2 Conference on Causality and Exogeneity in Econometrics December 13 - 15, 2001, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Program available. Invited speakers: Heckman, Hendry, Imbens, Kiviet. A European Conferences of the Econom[etr]ics Community, (EC)2 meeting
4ème Journée Transport, December 13, 2001, Paris
Thème: Financement et tarification des infrastructures. TT&R, Université de Cergy-Pontoise.
Quantitative Methods in Finance conference, 12 - 15 December, 2001, Sydney, Australia
Programme available
Séminaire Européen de Statistique (SEMSTAT), December 10-15, 2001, Gothenburg, Sweden
Programme available. Speakers: Sid Resnick, Thomas Mikosch, Claudia Klüppelberg, Richard Smith, Stuart Coles, Paul Embrechts, Anne-Laure Fougéres. Theme: extreme value theory and applications. Audience: young statistical researchers at postdoctoral level
Microdata methods and practice Conference, December 6, 2001, London
Programme available. Keynote speakers: James Heckman and Daniel McFadden. Conference launching cemmap, Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice
November 2001 (toc 2001)
IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, November 29 - December 2, 2001, San Jose, California, USA
Accepted paper list available
Maths Week: Applied financial econometrics conference by Risk, 26 November - 30 November, 2001, London, UK
Program available. Organized by Risk-conferences
Conference on explanations of rising economic inequality, November 13, 2001, London
Programme and registration form available
Math Week: Applied financial econometrics conference by Risk, 5 November - 9 November, 2001, New York, NY
Program available. Organized by Risk-conferences
Congreso Nacional de Estadística e Investigación Operativa (CON SEIO), November 6-9, 2001, Jaén, Spain
Program available
INFORMS 2001, November 3-7, 2001, Miami Beach, FL, USA
Program available. Second general annual Conference of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
October 2001 (toc 2001)
International Conference on Money, Investment and Risk, 31 October-November 2, 2001, Nottingham, UK
Selected papers published in European Journal of Finance
Inquire Europe Symposium, (Institute for Quantitative Investment Research) October 28-30, 2001, Sintra, Portugal
AEA/ECB Colloquium on EXCHANGE RATE DYNAMICS AND RISK MANAGEMENT, October 25, 2001, Lille, France
Note new venue (was: Frankfurt). Sponsored by the French Applied Econometrics Association (AEA)
Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association International Meeting (LACEA), October 18-20, 2001, Montevideo, Uruguay
Program available. Conference of the Asociación de Economía de América Latina y el Caribe (ADEALC)
Statistics Canada International Symposium 2001, October 17-19, 2001, Hull, Quebec, Canada
Program available. Theme: Achieving Data Quality in a Statistical Agency: a Methodological Perspective
Time Series & Econometrics Workshop, October 19-20, Bilbao
Programme available. Taller de Econometría y Series Temporales (TEST)
Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG),Annual Meeting October 19-20, 2001, Kansas City, USA
Program available. 11th conference of the Midwest Econometrics Group
Netherlands Network of Quantitative Economics (NAKE), Annual Research Day, October 12, 2001, Amsterdam
Programme available
International Atlantic Economic Society Fall Conference, October 11-14, 2001, Philadelphia, USA
Deadline for papers: April 15, 2001. Conference of the IAES
ECAS course in Bayesian Statistics and Financial Econometrics, October 7-13, 2001, Lugano, Switzerland
Program available. 8th Course in European Course in Advanced Statistics. Lecturers: Dellaportas, Geweke, Giudici, Polasek, Ronchetti, Trojani, Tsay
German Finance Association Annual Meeting (DGF), October 5, 2001, Vienna, Austria
Program available. Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Finanzwirtschaft (DGF) e.V.
September 2001 (toc 2001)
Canadian Econometric Study Group Annual Meeting, September 28-30, 2001, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Program available
Northern Finance Association, Annual Meeting, September 28-30, Halifax, NS
Deadline for papers: May 18, 2001
NBER/NSF Time Series Workshop, September 21-22, 2001, Raleigh, NC, USA
Program availble
Workshop on EMU macroeconomic institutions and policies, September 20-22, 2001, Milan, Italy
Programme available
Summer School on Advanced Computational Methods for Statistical Inference, September 17-21, 2001, Luminy, France
Organized by Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques, CIRM. Topics: MCMC and beyond for Econometrics, signal processing and finance.
Conference of Economists in Australia, 23-27 September 2001, Perth, Australia
Final Program available
Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Venue: School of Business. Rutgers U. Selected papers published in Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.
European Association of Labour Economists (EALE), annual meeting, September 13-16, Jyväskylä, Finland
Program unavailable
European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics, September 13-15, Vienna, Austria
Theme: empirical research methodologies
METU International conference in economics, September 11-13, 2001, Ankara, Turkey
Program available Yearly conference of the Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Economics
International Conference Modelling and Forecasting Financial Volatility, September 7-9, 2001, Perth, Australia
Program and registration details available. Special issue Journal of Applied Econometrics, Organized by Philip Hans Franses and Michael McAleer. List of speakers includes: Bollerslev, Engle, Granger, Shephard, Tauchen.
IFAC Symposium on Modeling and Control of Economic Systems (SME), September 6-8, 2001, Klagenfurt, Austria
Program available
Seminario sobre Validación y Especificación de Modelos Econométricos, September 6-7, 2001, Zaragoza, Spain
Seminar in Spanish at the Univ. de Zaragoza. Acceso Libre
Money, Micro and Finance Group (MMF) Annual Conference, September 5-7, Belfast, UK
Programme available. Papers selected for special issue of the Manchester School. Conference of the Money, Micro and Finance Group (MMF)[UK]
European Young Statisticians' Meeting, September 4-8, 2001, Jánska Dolina, Slovakia
Programme available
Summer school on stochastics and finance, September 3-7, 2001, Barcelona, Spain
Postgraduate level. Travel grants for EC members.
Summer School Workshop on The Econometrics of Financial Markets, September 3-6, 2001, Rome, Italy
Program available. Deadline for submission, July 15, 2001
August 2001 (toc 2001)
Annual Congress of the European Economic Association (EEA 2001) , August 29-September 1, 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland
Time table and Programme available
European Meeting of the Econometric Society (ESEM 2001) , August 25-29, 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland
Scientific Programme Econometrics Contributed Programmeand Time table available
53rd Session of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), August 22-30, 2001, Seoul, Korea
Scientific Programmes available. Biannual conference of the ISI. Wide range of topics. Probability Theory. Mathematical Statistics, Time Series, Statistical Computing, Econometrics, Official Statistics, Statistics Education, Actuarial Science, ...
European Finance Association (EFA) Meeting, August 22-28, 2001, Barcelona, Spain
Programme (with downloadable papers) available. Conference of the EFA
European Meeting of Statisticians, 13-19 August 2001, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Invited programme and List of accepted contributed papers available
CAF conference on Market Microstructure and High-Frequency data in Finance, August 10-12, 2001, SØnderborg, Denmark (.pdf-file)
Programme available (.pdf file) List of speakers includes Andersen, Diebold, Engle, Harris, Kiefer, Lehman, Shephard, Werner. Conference organized by Centre for analytical Finance, Aarhus, Denmark
9a Escola de Séries Temporais e Econometria, August 7-10, 2001, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Invited program available
Joint Statistical Meetings (ASA, ENAR, WNAR, IMS, SSC), August 5-9, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Progam available May 1, 2001. Deadline electronic abstract submission: February 2, 2001
International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, August 2-3, Voorburg, The Netherlands
Programme available (.pdf)
NSF Summer Symposium on Econometrics and Statistics, August 2-7, 2001, U. Berkeley, CA, USA
Program available. Theme: Identification and Inference for Econometric Models
July 2001 (toc 2001)
Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (LAMES), July 26-28, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Program available
International Conference on Robust Statistics, July 23-27, 2001, Vorau, Austria
Preliminary Programme available
Conference Asia Pacific Finance Association (APFA), July 22-25, 2001, Bangkok, Thailand
Program available
International Health Economics Association International Conference, July 22 - 25, 2001, York, U.K.
Programme available. Conference of the International Health Economics Association (iHEA)
Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, July 20-22, 2001, Kobe, Japan
Program available Organized by Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University and the Japanese Economic Association
Annual Research Conference in Financial Risk, July 12-14, Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for papers: January 10, 2001. Conference of the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE)
Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, July 7-August 19, 2001, Colchester, UK
I.a.: Unit roots, VARs etc.(9/7-20/7) Basic Time Series Analysis (23/7-3/8) Basic Logit, Probit, GLM (23/7-3/8) Survival Analysis (30/7-3/8) Advanced Time Series Analysis (6/8-17/8) ML, Advanced Logit, Probit GLM (/8/17/8)
European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM), July 16-27, 2001, Gerzensee, Switzerland
Organized by Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and Studienzentrum Gerzensee. Travel costs sponsored by NYSE.
International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), July 15-19, 2001, Osaka, Japan
Conference of the Psychometric Society
Econometric Study Group Annual Conference, July 12-14, 2001, Bristol, UK
Programme available. Deadline for Registration: July 1, 2001. Invited speakers: Gary Chamberlain (Harvard), Peter Schmidt (Michigan) Alain Trognon (GENES-INSEE and CNRS)
Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (SPA), July 9-13, 2001, Cambridge, UK
AUSTRALASIAN MEETING of the Econometric Society (ESAM 2001), July 6-July 8, 2001, Auckland, New Zealand
New website (May 2001)
Conference on Policy Modeling for European and Global Issues, July 5-7, 2001, Brussels
List of accepted papers available. Conference of
British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) Research Conference, 5-7 July 2001, Colchester UK
Programme available
Royal Statistical Society Meeting, July 4-6, 2001, Glasgow, UK
Hansogramme available
Western Economic Association International, Annual Conference, July 4-8, San Francisco, CA, USA
deadline for papers extended after November 15, 2000
Conference on Econometric Modelling for Africa, July 4-6, 2001, Pretoria, South-Africa
Preliminary Programme
Time Series Workshop at Arrábida, July 2-6, 2001, Arrábida, Portugal
Deadline for presentations: April 30, 2001. Theme: Selection Criteria for Time Series Models: New Developments. Speakers: Crato (ISEG, Cemapre) Chatfield (U. of Bath), Hinich (U.Texas), Andrew Harvey (Cambridge U.), Rohit Deo (NYU), Zellner (U.Chicago). Great place!
International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, July 2-6, Odense, Denmark
Programme available
June 2001 (toc 2001)
Society for Computational Economics, Annual Conference, June 28-30, New Haven, CT, USA
Program available 7th International Conference of the Society for Computational Economics. Formerly: Computating in Economics and Finance (CEF).
Society for Economic Dynamics (SED) Annual Meeting, June 28-30, 2001, Stockholm, Sweden
Program available. Conference of the Society for Economic Dynamics (SED)
European Financial Management Association (EFMA) Meeting, June 27-30, 2001, Lugano, Switzerland
Program available. Conference of the EFMA (founded 1994)
Workshop on Financial Mathematics & Econometrics, June 26-30, 2001, Montreal, Canada
Program available. Leading econometricians in invited program. Deadline for registration: May 31, 2001
Mannheim Empirical Research Summer School, June 26-July 6, 2001, Mannheim, Germany
Deadline for Application: March 31, 2001. The Summer School is devoted to the fundamental methods of empirical research in economics: experimental economics and econometrics.
A Conference in Celebration of Wayne A. Fuller's 70th Birthday, June 21,22 2001, Ames, Iowa
Program available
Advanced computing in Financial markets (ACFM 2001), June 19-22, 2001, Bangor, Wales, U.K.
Detailed programme available (50 pages .pdf). Other info on Christian Haefke's site. Part of International ICSC Congress on COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: METHODS & APPLICATIONS, (CIMA 2001)
North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society, U. Maryland, June 21-24, 2001
Program available.
Western Finance Association (WFA) Annual Meeting, June 20-23, 2001, Tucson, Arizona
Program available. Meeting of the WFA
Portuguese Society for Research in Economics (SPiE), Annual Conference, June 18-19, 2001, Lisbon, Portugal
Deadline for papers: March 9, 2001
Conference: East European Transition and EU Enlargement: A Quantitative Approach, June 15 - June 21 2001, Gdañsk, Poland
Note new date Deadline for abstract: 30 January 2001, full paper: March 31, 2001. E-mail:
European Society for Population Economics, Annual Conference, June 14-16, 2001, Athens, Greece
Deadline for abstract/paper: February 1, 2001. Conference of the European Society for Population Economics
Symposium on the Interface of Computer Science and Statistics, 13-16 June 2001, Orange County, CA, USA
Draft schedule available. Conference of the Interface Foundation of North America (IFNA), Statistical and Computing Societies.
Workshop on recent advances in Bayesian econometrics, June 14-15, 2001, Marseille [FR]
Preliminary programme available. Discussants and poster contributions still wanted (16/4/01).
International Symposium on Forecasting, June 13-17, 2001, Pine Mountain, Georgia, USA
Conference details available. Location: Callaway Gardens
York's One-day meeting in Econometrics, June 9, 2001, York, UK
Deadline for posters by PhD students: May 25, 2001.
Workshop on Economics with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA), June 7-9, 2001, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Program available. See Table of contents 1999 WEHIA proceedings
Bridging Economics and Econometrics Empirical Applications and Econometric Methods, June 6-9, 2001, Florence
Organised by Katarina Juselius and Søren Johansen
May 2001 (toc 2001)
Annual Meeting of the Canadian Economic Association, May 31 - June 3, 2001, Montréal, Québec
Program available
8th international conference on Forecasting Financial Markets (FFM), May 30-June 1, 2001, London, UK
Program (in .pdf) available. Theme: Advances for Exchange Rates, Interest Rates and Asset Assignment. Sponsored by U. Cambridge and Applied Econometrics Association, Academic Fee, GBP 300,-
First Nordic Econometric Meeting, May 25-27, 2001, Sandbjerg, Denmark
Deadline for papers: March 1, 2001. Conference of the Nordic Econometric Network and Dansk Økonometrisk Selskab.
SIAM conference on the application of dynamical systems, May 24-28, Snowbird, Utah, USA
Program available. Conference of the SIAM activity group on dynamical systems
International Conference on the Econometrics of Financial Markets, May 22-25, 2001, Delphi, Greece
Provisional programme available
The Cliometric Society Annual Conference, May 18-20, 2001, Tucson, Arizona
deadline for proposals: February 1, 2001
FMG Workshop - Advances in Empirical Finance, May 17-18, 2001, London [UK]
Financial Management Group LSE. Program available
April 2001 (toc 2001)
Society of Labor Economists (SOLE), Annual meeting, April 20-21, 2001, Austin, Texas
Slow link Preliminary Program available
Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, 9-11 April, 2001, Durham [UK]
Programme available
Easter School in Financial Econometrics, April 7-11, 2001, Oxford, UK
Programme available. Venue: Nuffield College. For ph.d. students and recent ph.d. students from all of the European Union. Lectures by Enrique Sentana and Neil Shephard
March 2001 (toc 2001)
Spring Meeting Young Economists, March 30-April 1, 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark
Programme available
Midwest Econometrics Group Spring Meeting at Midwest Economics Association's meeting, March 29-31, 2001, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Program available. Meeting of the Midwest Econometric Group
Brussels-York Colloquium in Econometrics and Statistics, March 23, 2001, Brussels
First of its kind
Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics Annual Meeting, March 15-16, 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
Programme available. At the Department of Econometrics, University of Geneva
Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Annual Symposium, March 15-16, 2001, Atlanta, GA, USA
Program available
International Atlantic Economic Conference, March 14-19, 2001, Athens, Greece
Preliminary Program available. Annual conference of the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES). All economic topics including econometrics.
February 2001 (toc 2001)
Texas Econometric Camp, February 17-18, 2001, Boerne, TX
Program available
January 2001 (toc 2001)
PAI Conference on Financial Econometrics, January 25-26, 2001, Leuven, Belgium
Deadline for registration: December 24, 2000
Annual Meeting of the American Finance Association, January 5-7, 2001, New Orleans, LA, USA
Preliminary Program available
American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meeting, January 5-7, 2001, New Orleans, LA, USA
Preliminary program available
2001 North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society, January 5-7, 2001, New Orleans, LA, USA
Program available (8 Dec 2000) at Philip J. Reny website.
CeNDEF workshop on Economic Dynamics, January 4-6, 2001, Amsterdam
Preliminary Programme available. Organized by the The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) at the University of Amsterdam
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